Smoky peach (or a smoky eye for day)


Today’s look is a strong smoky eye, paired with very soft peachy lips and cheeks


I came across this gorgeous photograph of Chloe Moretz on Harper Bazaar. Golden smoky eyes with peachy lips and cheeks; it’s a lovely combination. I’m nowhere near as pale as she is though, and I took the smoky eyes to another level (heh).

The smoky eyes are still softer and appropriate for day though, because lighter colours gold/brown colours are used, rather than greys and blacks.  Continue reading

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Lush Lips


I started out trying to do a bold orange eye and light lip colour, a look that won’t look it won’t melt off my face. After applying my lip colour though, I fell in love and realised that I was just going to stick to a bold lip. It helps that I have full lips as it is, I guess, but just look at that colour. Pity the camera doesn’t really capture the shimmer like in real life.  Continue reading

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Quick update: Skater Girl


Well, I really really don’t know what to title this look. And I love my new cap, which I bought from Bangkok.

I didn’t have much time to ensure that I took a decent photograph because I was rushing out of the room as I did it. I basically did this entirely with my hands (hooray cream products) and within ten minutes. Bright lips are such a fantastic way to perk up a look. You can barely tell I’d just rolled out of bed (took an afternoon nap that went a bit longer than I planned it to).

Minimal products today, I used:

1) Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream on the face
2) From the Sleek Sunset iDivide palette, I picked the pink gold shade on the second bottom right, applied it all over my eye with a finger
3) I took Urban Decay Mugshot (shimmery grey taupe) from the Naked 3 palette and blended it in the outer corners of my eye for dimension
4) I lined my upper lashline with Urban Decay Perversion, a matte jet black pencil
5) I used the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara on my lashes
6) I used a NYX Eyebrow pencil in black and filled in my lashes
7) I used the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Illusion Lip and Cheek Cream Colour (peach with gold shimmer) on my cheeks
8) On my lips, I used OCC Radiate, a deep bright pink, and then patted OCC Androgyne, a translucent orange on top to get the pink coral you see.


Again, entirely without any brushes. ^^ Quick and easy way to look put together; just use a complex shade for the eyeshadow and a bold lip.

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Curls ^^


I visited a friend for Eid (or called Hari Ray in Singapore) today. After eating a great lunch cooked by her mom and eating awesome Raya cookies, Hanis pulled out her curling iron and spent a good half hour on my hair.

I was really nervous at first but I love how it gives so much volume and texture to my hair.


Here’s the back of it for more reference. I felt like a glamorous 20s Shanghainese pinup model.

The curls only lasted about four hours since she didn’t use any hair spray. I’ll keep in mind that this hairstyle suits me for the next time I head to a formal event. =)


Check out Hanis’ blog, she posts things about makeup, DIY stuff and pretty things.

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Once Upon a Time Wonderland


I finally caught up on “Once Upon a Time Wonderland”, a spin-off series of “Once Upon a Time”. As always, the creative team does an amazing job on the makeup and costumes, especially The Red Queen’s, all glowy skin, highlighted cheeks and pouty lips.

They do a damn good job with Alice too.

once-wonderland once-wonderland-bad-blood

Of course, Sophie Lowe, the actress playing Alice is also absolutely beautiful. They tend to put her with very clean eyes, and once in a while she’ll don a dark purple lip. I can’t seem to find any photos for that look, but it’s what I decided to try on for today.  DSCN2296 Continue reading

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Silver Rose


(Title based off the earrings I’m wearing. Bah, I didn’t fill in my eyebrows today but I gelled them down, didn’t realise they’d look like there’s a bald spot from that angle.)

The summer’s over, school’s started. and I’ve moved back to school, which means it is now easier for me to do regular updates on this blog since I can camwhore as much as I want in the comfort of my bedroom. (Have I mentioned how much I love having my own room?) Also, my mom took me to the dermatologist (for the first time in my life) last week who prescribed me various creams, and my skin’s finally starting to clear up.

I was experimenting with the lighting in my room a lot for this one because I’ve been placed in a new room and the sun’s coming in from a completely different place. It’s a cross between this place where I get amazing light that makes my skin glow but with a bad background I am constantly cropping out (see above two photos), or in a place with not as great lighting, but against a plain white background (see below).  Continue reading

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The Lip Product Addict Tag

IMG_6117 IMG_6116

Note: Photos were taken last year, my lip collection has expanded somewhat since. Heh.

Check out Carina’s video for this tag here!

As you can see, I am a huge fan of lip products, which is weird, because I rarely ever touch up my lips and for the longest time, preferred eyeshadows because I didn’t have to deal with them after I was done applying them. But changing your lip colours are just such an easy way to change up an entire look.

1. Favourite balm/treatment?
I rub Vaseline on the lips every night before bed, and prime my lips with a dab of the stuff before I apply my foundation. I wipe off the excess just before I apply any lipstick (unless I intentionally want a muted colour).

Second favourite would be Korres Lip Butter; I used to have Mango, and I still have Wild Rose. They smell and feel wonderful, and they add just the right amount of colour on the lips.



A photograph of Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter, before I began using it. Just look at its pristine perfection. <3 It’s very well-loved now. 

2. Best eye-catching red?
I’ve raved about this product many many times, but I will do so again: Sephora Always Red Lip Cream. This beauty is an intense matte red that just lasts on the lips. Because of how perfectly matte it is, it also looks fantastic with a bit of OCC Triptych (metallic gold shimmer) patted on in the middle.



Just feast your eyes on the perfection that is that red lip. Click here for the tutorial. Continue reading

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