Quick look: 90s inspired makeup


Or at least, it was meant to be 90s inspired makeup (I wore a high waisted jeans skirt with the sleeveless turtle-necked sweater).

So the lips are right – I used a brown lipstick,  Bobbi Brown Uber Suede – for the lips. I used a shimmery eyeshadow for the eyelid (from Sleek iDivide Sunset palette) and Urban Decay Tease (matte taupe) from the Naked 2 palette in the crease for more depth. I also used Urban Decay Snakebite (shimmery dark cool brown) on the outer third of the eye. I lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown Twilight Night Shimmer Ink (blackened plum) and used the Painted Earth SuperCurl Mascara on the upper lashes.

I combed my eyebrows with Vaseline to set them, and used Happy Skin Second Skin Creme Foundation as a base, and Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry for the cheeks.


And there we go. Went to a flea market and bought many many pretty new clothes (and so very cheap too :’) ) I’m still getting used to this hairstyle, will be experimenting with various makeup styles and fashion now.

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A Quick Look and a makeover


I pulled an all-nighter last night to finish up some work. I had an early morning class and desperately needed to look somewhat alive. This was all done in maybe two or three minutes.

Powdered my face with Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder Foundation to reduce the redness (as you can see, it doesn’t cover it entirely). Used a brown based blush (MAC Warm Soul) for some colour on the cheeks, then dusted my face with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light to hopefully reduce more redness (not that it’s reduced much).

 I lined my eyes (badly) with a warm red brown eyeliner (Make Up Forever Gypsy Aqua Eye Eyeliner), used a light coating of a natural mascara (Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara). I also brushed Vaseline through my eyebrows to neaten them up.

After class I then swung by the hairdresser that’s just opened up on campus. The student prices are ridiculously cheap (SGD18), it’s on campus and amazingly convenient, so I just went.


And I have embraced the microbangs trend. I never thought I would, but yes, I have.

I was inspired by the Mathilda collection from Dolls Kill, as you can see. Yeah the model doesn’t have as round a face, but I know I can pull off the short bob already and she looks really good with the microbangs! Decided to give it a shot, bangs grow out really fast anyway.


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Chinese Doll

DSCN2729 copy copy

Not to be confused with my previous post, ‘China Doll‘. 

Makeup for today.

I pulled out my denim cheongsam, which I’ve not worn in a really long time, which is a pity, because it’s such a beautiful dress. Did a really simple look to go with it to bring out the Chineseness of the features and highlight the dress.

If you look at photographs of pin up girls or women wearing the cheongsam, eye makeup is always kept simple. Eyeshadow (if used at all) isn’t really discernible, but the thick eyeliner (upper lashline only) and lashes are there to define the eyes. Eyebrows are perfectly groomed, usually with a pretty defined arch. And the focus of the look is always on the lips, which are always round and full, and painted a bright colour.

I used a stronger blush than I would normally do to get the doll-like image for this look. Also skipped using white eyeliner for the lower lashline. Continue reading

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Radiant Orchid Cheeks + Pink Glossy Lids

DSCN2686 copy

Next up in a series of makeup looks inspired by Fall 2014 Runways: this is from the opening ceremony of New York Fashion Week.


Image from Harper’s Baazar

‘Radiant Orchid’ cheeks, and pink glossy lids. Groomed, but not overly groomed brows, a strong blush. The skin looks powdered and matte, as are the eyes.

Earlier this year, I used a Maybelline Brazen Berry lipstick to get a radiant orchid (the colour of the year!) lip. I’m using it again today as a cream blush, since I don’t have an extensive number of blushes. I also swiped some lipgloss on my lids; I chose a MAC Lipglass since they’re tackier and last longer. Because I’ve been using Vaseline on my eyelids which were cracked and dry in the last few weeks, the sensation isn’t entirely unfamiliar or uncomfortable. Still gets annoying when my hair sticks to it though.  Continue reading

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Purple Meets Orange

DSCN2668 copy

Maybe because it’s raining but I like to pretend that we are now transitioning to fall which means I can switch over to fall makeup. This means, warmer browner tones (I love adding orange and gold accents), bringing out the plum and berry lipsticks and blushes.

Today’s look was again inspired by Fall runway makeup again, this is the third one in a row.


As inspired by Zimmermann Fall 2014 Fashion Week. I love the colour of this coat, and how it matches the blush. <3 Just how everything comes together in this photo is beautiful.

I toned down the orangeness of the blush because I don’t have the orange coat to pull everything together. Also I supposed I should have used a stronger peach eyeshadow, but I was pretty happy with the overall look, clean and neat. Continue reading

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Silver Lids

DSCN2620Today’s look is inspired by Vera Wang, Fall 2014. Strong brows, a splash of silver on the lids, no blush, rosy lips and absolutely gorgeous skin.


Just look at that, isn’t she gorgeous?

As always, I take the colours used in the photo and up the intensity significantly. (One day I will learn to appreciate subtlety.) I used three different kinds of silvers so I still got some kind of depth to the silvers, I think you can kinda see it in the photo above. While I skipped on blush, I used the subtler one of my two highlighters (Benefit High Beam) to highlight my cheekbones to give my skin some glow and hopefully bring depth to my face.  Continue reading

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Daytime smoky brown eyes


For today’s look, I was inspired by Oscar de la Renta’s smoky brown eyes, as seen during New York Fashion Week.


Some changes I made in the instructions given with the photos: I used kohl, not gel liner to line my waterline, and used a second darker eyeshadow to line the eye. Because 1) It is a lie to say that only one eyeshadow’s been used in this look, just look at that image! and 2) how on earth does one get gel liner to stay on the waterline? I poked my eyes a few times trying to lie this too, before giving up and sticking to kohl.  Continue reading

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