Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Haul

Do you Filipinos know how lucky you are to have Ellana Cosmetics and Happy Skin? Do you? Thank goodness I have friends who can help me purchase things I want. It’s a little frustrating that I can’t get foundations though, Ellana Cosmetics has a huge range of powders and I really feel like I need to swatch them to check if they’re too warm-toned for my skin. If any friends familiar with the brand can please suggest which foundation I should take (loose powder and pressed powder please) I would be very grateful.

Anyways, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is a Filipino brand that has such wonderful mineral makeup and SO CHEAP. This haul was SGD47, for a full-sized angled liner brush (because you can never have too many of them, this is my third), the Revive Concealer/Corrector Loose Mineral Powder, the Diva Lip and Cheek Palette, and the Illusion Lip and Cheek Palette.

DSCN1723 DSCN1724


Swatches for the Diva and Illusion Lip and Cheek Palette. It’s this gel-like substance that you can double up as a blush and colour. Diva is ‘copper bronze shimmer’ and Illusion is ‘watermelon peach with gold shimmer’. Can’t wait to try this out.

The Revive concealer is this orangey almost terracotta brick kind of colour, and I was thinking ‘crap, this is never going to work on my skin tone’. Then I patted just a little on my eyelids and like magic, my dark circles are gone. I think I’m in love.

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Inky Eyes


T0day my blog turns a year old!

I haven’t been updating much because I haven’t had much time to, what with studying for finals and all. But thank you so much for the likes and comments you’ve left. I’ve learnt so much from your posts, and I love that I’ve made so many friends from various countries in the last year.

So today’s makeup is something that was very popular on the Spring runways, and my personal favourite Spring trend. Inky eyes!

inky-200x30029d97892e7277543a802e1bc014f46a3 Continue reading

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Sepia Nostalgia

I really really loved my eye makeup for today. Unfortunately, I was dumb and used lighter foundation, and my camera captured every blemish.

DSCN1662 copy

I actually photoshopped a little of today’s photos! As you can tell. I’ve added a brown or orange or sepia filter over each of the photos because I was going for something more warm-toned. My camera was seriously picking up the acne today, so I blurred out the worst of it.

DSCN1657 copy DSCN1667 copy

Urgh. I’m kinda really regretting getting that Lilac Brightener Dreamt Tint from Jane Iredale, I should have insisted on getting something in my skin tone. This lack of coverage is seriously not cutting it for me.

The most important thing about this look is to fill in your brows. Undefined brows just won’t cut it with such a strong eye look.

The look was actually fairly easy, although I kept messing up the cat eye. First use a nice light brown eyeshadow on your lid, then a darker red brown in the crease. Blend this out. Do a cat eye with black gel liner on the upper lashline, and line the lower lashline with a brown kohl pencil. Finish off with mascara.

For the cheeks, I used a highlighter (MAC Soft and Gentle) and Benefit Rockateur to contour the cheekbones.

I used a MLBB lipstick (MAC Shanghai Spice in this case) and topped it off with a nude gloss (Bobbi Brown Bronzed Heather High Shimmer Lipgloss).

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Oriental Sunset


This is me guilty of Orientalism, but whatever. I’m wearing my white romper with the kimono-inspired folded front, a short black vest made out of some kind of runched rayon material that always makes me think of Arabian Nights, and my wrap.


Isn’t she pretty?

Today’s also the first time I’m trying out the Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream. A few notes: Continue reading

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All-Natural Skin

Today’s makeup was achieved with the few all-natural brands that I own – ie. stuff that is marketed to have no parabens, be good for your skin etc. If you’re interested in this kind of makeup, check out Stephanie’s blog at She’s So Eco.


It’s still a little hard to get hold of these kinds of eco-friendly mineral type brands in Singapore and they tend to be so pricey. (I still wish Painted Earth would find a supplier here though I love their stuff so much.)

This look is ridiculously easy and simple. Take a little eyeliner, smudge it, highlight the inner corners of your eye. (I used Jane Iredale Mystikol in Dark Topaz).  Add mascara (Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara), foundation (various products used include Jane Iredale’s primer, tinted moistuirizer and pressed powder) and blush (I used Hourglass’s Mood Light, actually an all-over face powder but buffed it in with a kabuki). Finish off with gloss. I used Painted Earth’s Mauve Baby Hint of Mint lipgloss. 


Various makeup used to achieve the look.DSCN1573 DSCN1574

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Jane Iredale Haul and Updates

I talked about my first Jane Iredale haul in another post, where I get their foundation starter kit, and their Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer thingy.

I also highly regret picking up that Dream Tint in the Lilac Brightener that woman insisted I get rather than a flesh toned colour. It’s very good for brightening up your skin and reducing redness, but it doesn’t have the coverage my skin currently needs.

Also I won a contest hosted by Jane Iredale SG. In it, I won a Mystikol eyeliner in Dark Topaz, a sample of their BB cream, and a $15 voucher which I then used to purchase a full-sized BB cream.


Also swatches for the Dark Topaz eyeliner! The Dark Topaz Mystikol eyeliner is a highlighter on one side, and a blackened golden brown on the other. It smears beautifully too, and uses a sponge applicator (the first I’ve used for eyeliners).


Also yesterday when I stripped off all my makeup I realised my skin didn’t look as horrific as it did when I put it on in the morning. I was trying to figure out what I’d done different because I hadn’t written a long detailed tutorial in the last look post (these blog entries are like my makeup journal entries and are highly useful for times like these).

So I was trying to figure out how and why and realised that I used the Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose powder rather than my MAC Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation on top of my tinted moisturizer. So I may have figured out the culprit for my breakouts. I’ll be monitoring my skin over the next few days and if this is true, I’m going to be needing a new pressed powder and loose powder once I run out of these sample kits. I’m very likely going back to Jane Iredale. It’s rather pricey (the BB cream was originally $86.90, and my Dream Tint was $69.90) but if it doesn’t aggravate the skin, it’s worth it.

In other news, I’m trying to flex my writing muscles this month. It’s National Writing Poetry Month, so I’ve been writing a poem a day for the last nine days. You can find them in my other blog, www.overcomingalexithymia.wordpress.com.

Day 2′s poem:

There Are Plants That Creep Along These Walls

Their bricks are grudges made stone
cemented together with silent resentment.
I don’t know where I laid my first brick
but I learnt to from you when I saw

the way you hid from your father
speaking to him (when you had to)
by shouting across these walls
and as I grew we did the same.

Older now, I can hear 
the rattle in your breath. Quick
we need to learn to take them down
before yelling past these bricks becomes 

the only way we know to speak.

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Until the craziness that is my academic life dies down, I am not going to put up detailed posts about my makeup. =/ I’ll still put up the usual FOTDs though.


Blue topazes are a semi-precious stone. They’re also one of my favourite gems. They’re a beautiful and very distinctive shade of blue.


Today’s eye makeup was done with my Sleek Sunset palette.

I kept blue as the main lid colour, used various shades of redbrowns in the outer third and crease, and a yellow in the inner corner of the eye.

DSCN1564 DSCN1552

Also, a result of those late nights means that my skin is absolutely horrific right now. D= Hope this gets better now that the major deadlines are over.

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