Christmas Lights

So if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I cut my hair a while back.


I was fortunate enough to work with Alvin from Lyricalight for a photoshoot last week. He does the most beautiful photographs and experiments with all sorts of effects on photoshop. Do check out his work, it’s amazing.

For this shoot, we were playing around with Christmas lights. The point was to get a customizable bokeh effect, so you see butterflies and hearts in some of the photographs.
K78C9080Like this.

For the makeup, I went with gold shimmer and matte browns on the eyes, thick defined liner, contoured cheeks and a glossy red lip for this one. It’s very much in line with the holiday spirit. Check out my Facebook page for more photographs.


Cape from Young Hungry Free.
Dress from UNIF.
Black stockings from Marks & Spencer

Happy holidays you all! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope the Christmas lights look magical in your area.

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How I Use the Clarisonic MIA 2

2014-12-04 14.26.00

I bought the Clarisonic MIA 2 all the way back in March this year. If you’ve been reading my blogposts on my skincare series, you’d know that I was struggling with adult acne and lots of cystic acne when I bought this.

I was stuck for a little while trying to figure out which cleansing system to get. There’s the MIA, MIA 2 and PLUS system, so here’s a link that shows you the difference between them to help you figure out your needs. I settled for the MIA 2 in the end because it has two kinds of settings it has, the low and normal. (I usually use the low setting.) Also, it seems a lot more travel friendly than the MIA. I wasn’t sure I wanted to shell out money for the ARIA (the most expensive model) yet so the MIA 2 seemed like a happy medium. It cost me SGD215 at Sephora, but I think I had a 10% discount when I bought it.

 2014-03-03 22.53.222014-03-03 22.54.49


It comes in a cute travel case, some facial wash and a magnetic charger. I love the magnetic charger; while it takes forever to charge it does mean that you can take this in the shower with you without worrying about being electrocuted. Also I’ve charged this maybe four or five times since buying it in March so the battery lasts a long time.

How I Use It:
Continue reading

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First Catalogue Shoot!

So I mentioned being in a three hour shoot in my last skincare post. Some of the photos are out!


We shot for three hours, so this is only one of the collections the blogshop is releasing. This is the ‘All About the Tops Collection‘ from Shop Fleurdelis. It’s my roommate’s blogshop, so I was modeling partly as a favour for her, and partly to gain some experience.

The clothes I modeled in are of great quality! They were all of great non sheer fabrics (unless the fabric was meant to be sheer) and were a pleasure to wear. I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking to buy quality clothing online. Photographs were taken by Nicole, who was incredibly enthusiastic and so pleasant to work with.

This is, as the title states, my first catalogue shoot. I’ve been doing mostly emotive portraits (like this shoot), so a catalogue shot is really different. For one, you have to wear a bajillion clothes in the span of three hours so you have to get really fast at changing and be really efficient at posing. It took me a while to figure out how to pose and move, and since the studio didn’t have any mirrors, I had to really trust the photographer and review the photos she took as we went along to figure out what I was doing right and wrong.

With all these shoots, I feel like I should do up a post for studio makeup. What do you think?

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Beginner Basics: An Introduction to Foundation

As part of my Beginner Series. The first post is ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Makeup‘.

Beginner Basics: An Introduction To Foundation


(Image from here)

When starting out with makeup, foundation would probably be your first purchase (except maybe second to eyeliner. And lipstick. =X)

Something I’ve noticed that a lot of people do: wear the rest of their makeup and skip their foundation. I see plenty of Asian women, for instance, who love a bright lip and wear it alone without foundation. While there aren’t any rules to how you want to makeup, I’m of the opinion that a good clean base is necessary. Putting on a red lipstick is just going to emphasize any redness on your face, and dark eye shadow and eyeliner will emphasize any eye bags.

Foundation is called your ‘base’ for a reason. It’s the canvas that isn’t meant to distract from the rest of your makeup. A good foundation reduces the appearance of redness of your face, evens out your skin tone, makes you look fresh and clean and bright, controls the face shine, creates a smooth canvas for the rest of your makeup (yes like primer), and hydrates your skin. I actually love it when models show their freckles and birthmarks; it makes them look all the more human. So no, foundation doesn’t always have to be caked onto your skin and you don’t have to conceal everything.

So yes, foundation is very important, don’t skimp out on it! Continue reading

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My Skincare Journey: Part 3 Korean Skincare Regime

Part 1 | Part 2
This post is about my current skincare routine.  Part 1 talks about teenage acne, and part 2 about adult acne. 

So I got into this Korean skincare thing some time in the last week of October, when I read the Fashioinista article on a 12-step Korean skincare routine. When I read that this helped the writer’s hormonal breakouts I was sold. By this point, thanks to Differin (the retinoid prescribed by a dermatologist) I was clearing off the worst of my acne, but it kept coming back due to stress and the point just before you get your period.

Luckily, I was just about to fly into Hong Kong for a tournament just a few days later, which meant I could go ahead and buy a bunch of things there without too much problem. I was set on purchasing Laneige products in Hong Kong because I feared the markup in Singapore, and figured I’d purchase innisfree serums, essences and masks for when I came back to Singapore, since those aren’t too expensive. (Also I only had carry-on luggage and couldn’t buy that many liquids while overseas.)

When in Hong Kong, I realised that apart from the cult favourite Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, the mark ups for Laneige products in Singapore aren’t too bad. The Trouble line isn’t very much more expensive than the cost of it in Hong Kong (maybe SGD2 more, the Sleeping Pack was closer to SGD16 more expensive).

I wanted to break into the skincare stuff slowly, which is one of the reasons why this took so long to post. (More details on the different products below). Continue reading

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Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

DSC07680 edited

Title taken from Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ because I was blasting 1989 throughout the shoot.

DSC07307 edited

So it’s been a while since I uploaded one of these.

This was only my second studio shoot (the first was such a disaster I never put up the photographs), so I was so happy with how this one turned out. The photographs have been put up mostly in chronological order, so you can see how I built up the makeup as the shoot went along. The entire process (with four different outfits and a lot of experimentation) took about an hour and a half, and resulted in four hundredish photographs. Took me a really long time to pick the pieces that I liked best, and then even longer to edit them. (It was not fun photoshopping the cystic acne on my chin, even my foundation couldn’t clear it up). Also I learnt how terrifying it is to look at HD photographs of yourself. It turns out that I have acne and hair in places I never knew.

DSC07432 edited

I also used falsies! I feel like announcing that because I so rarely ever do. I’m always afraid that they’d look incredibly unnatural, but, as I’m surprised to find every time I wear them, they’re hardly visible on the camera. Maybe I can go find something more dramatic now, i really loved the kind that wing out, they always look gorgeous on camera.

Had much fun, can’t wait for the next shoot.

Makeup, model and edits by Natzi’s Stash
Photography by Ching
See the full set here

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Rose Gold and Glossy Girl


Two looks in one again.  Continue reading

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