A Warm Soul


I don’t know why I ended up looking so pouty in all my photographs today. 

Today’s look is a monochromatic bronze look. ‘Monochrome’ is a thing that usually ends up sounding flat and boring, but just by getting different shades of brown and bronze, you can have a really beautiful multidimensional look.

Title named, of course, after the beautiful MAC Warm Soul. This has got to be one of my favourite blushes (sorry Benefit Rockateur, as much as I love you, you’re just not as versatile). I’ve used it as a highlighter, an eyeshadow, a blush and a contour colour. On cooler lighter skintones I feel like this can be used as a an all-over bronzer colour (I kinda dusted it all over the face so it added to the dewy glow.)   Continue reading

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Casual Saturday

Following the trend of minimal makeup, I did this yesterday.


Face powder, eyeliner, mascara, a little blush and lip colour. That’s it. I really couldn’t be bothered to come up with something hugely complicated. I was wearing a dark blue blouse with dark blue jeans, and wanted to avoid the goth thing. Coral makeup is so great for brightening up the face. I slip into goth/grunge/emo all too easily because of my colouring, but no one can look gothic without coral makeup. Not even me.

Products Used

1) Jane Iredale Amazing Base Loose Powder stippled all over the face
2) Benefit Coralista, a beautiful coral with golden sheen on the cheeks
3) Brown eyeliner (can’t remember which) all over the eye
4) I used Painted Earth SuperCurl mascara on the lashes
5) I finished with OCC Electric Grandma, an amazing coral with golden glitter on the lips 


How was your Sunday?

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The Longest Week

DSCN3645 copy

Quick post, today’s makeup is a very intense eyeliner look, totally didn’t intend to do it as such when I started. But while I was at it, I started thinking of the film ‘The Longest Week’, in which Olivia Wilde plays a model who perpetually as the most amazing and intense eyeliner on.


I got the eyeliner wrong (didn’t use any references as I was doing my makeup) but I thought of the character as I was doing the look, hence the title.

Like today’s makeup is absurdly simple sounding, I just have eyeliner, mascara, tinted lip balm and a little bit of face powder on. But it was such a pain to get the eyeliner right. I did it beautifully on one side (my left, your right in the photos), and the other side is just… not as beautiful.

DSCN3644 copy

Makeup Used

1) I applied MAC Blacktrack, a matte black gel liner to get the general shape of the eye
2) I used Urban Decay Perversion, a deep creamy black on the water line and lower lashline
3) I used Benefit They’re Real! mascara on the lashes

1) I used the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara on the eyebrows for some definition

1) I applied the Ellena Mineral Cosmetics Loose Mineral Powder in Cafe Breve all over the skin

1) I used the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose for a rosy tinge

Think I’ll be trying this look again, without the lower lashline stuff, and with falsies. Thick eyeliner like this needs falsies to complete the look.

Good luck for the weekend all!

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Today’s makeup is really minimal. One sparkly eyeshadow that doubled as a highlighter, a purple eyeliner, a gold eyeliner, mascara, and a cream blush that doubles as a lip colour, topped with lipgloss.

Well. Minimal by my standards.

All in shades of blushy colours like pink, purple and then there’s that little hint of gold to make things interesting.

DSCN3620 copy Continue reading

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Magical Sunset


I did a really similar look when I first started up my blog, titled it ‘Sunset and Blushes‘ (look, my standards for naming looks has gone up in comparison). Actually, I’ve pretty much reused all the same eyeshadow colours. Most my sunset looks are orange, yellow and bronze, courtesy of the Sleek iDivine Sunset Palette. This one has pink in it. 

So yeah, old look, trying to make it look a little better. I wish I blended it more before I rushed out of the house. Also used a lot more blush (somehow ended up looking with very chiseled cheekbones after, my sister kept saying that my face looked very thin) and a milder coral lipstick. MAC Ravishing is so wonderful for subtly brightening up the lips.

I was in a hurry so didn’t take too many photos and most of them didn’t end up too good.  Continue reading

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Silver Dreamer


This is probably one of the simplest, easiest I only used one eyeshadow for today’s look. Ah, the power of a lovely shimmery shade.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure what the name of this eyeshadow is. It’s a MAC eyeshadow, a beautiful silver with blueish flecks and a very very subtle gold frost. It could be Silver Ring or Electra. I bought it in a duo custom made palette (the other colour here is MAC Cranberry), and haven’t been able to remove the inset from the palette, so I can’t figure out the name of the shade. I’ve just gone with Electra, but the swatches I’ve seen of Electra online are way too warm, and nowhere near frosty enough.

MAC Cranberry and Elektra 2

If you can figure out what it is, please let me know in the comments! Continue reading

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DSCN3485 copy

Today’s makeup is a smoky brown eye, softened with the girliness of a coral pink lip and cheek. What do you guys think?

This is my favourite smoky eye to do, and probably the simplest. It’s a quick way of looking done up without too much effort. I also find it’s the most effective one to apply on the ‘Asian monolid'; the kind where no eyeliner will ever be seen because everything folds over (this is why tightlining is a boon to everyone with Asian eyes).

You only need three things: a brown pencil eyeliner, a brown eyeshadow in around the same shade, and a pencil brush. You can do this with other colours too (I’ve used grey, black and purple). Just don’t forget to tightline for more definition. DSCN3499 copy Continue reading

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