Silver Dreamer


This is probably one of the simplest, easiest I only used one eyeshadow for today’s look. Ah, the power of a lovely shimmery shade.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure what the name of this eyeshadow is. It’s a MAC eyeshadow, a beautiful silver with blueish flecks and a very very subtle gold frost. It could be Silver Ring or Electra. I bought it in a duo custom made palette (the other colour here is MAC Cranberry), and haven’t been able to remove the inset from the palette, so I can’t figure out the name of the shade. I’ve just gone with Electra, but the swatches I’ve seen of Electra online are way too warm, and nowhere near frosty enough.

MAC Cranberry and Elektra 2

If you can figure out what it is, please let me know in the comments! Continue reading

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DSCN3485 copy

Today’s makeup is a smoky brown eye, softened with the girliness of a coral pink lip and cheek. What do you guys think?

This is my favourite smoky eye to do, and probably the simplest. It’s a quick way of looking done up without too much effort. I also find it’s the most effective one to apply on the ‘Asian monolid'; the kind where no eyeliner will ever be seen because everything folds over (this is why tightlining is a boon to everyone with Asian eyes).

You only need three things: a brown pencil eyeliner, a brown eyeshadow in around the same shade, and a pencil brush. You can do this with other colours too (I’ve used grey, black and purple). Just don’t forget to tightline for more definition. DSCN3499 copy Continue reading

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Cheongsam Inspired


I’m currently writing (or attempting to write and constantly procrastinating) writing a paper about clothing in India, and I’m just amazed at how Western clothing still hasn’t really made a dent in the market because women there continue to wear the sari or salwar kameez. Meanwhile, the Chinese cheongsam is something reserved only for special occasions. It’s a little sad I think, because the cheongsam is a gorgeous dress in its own right, and can be dressed up or down.

I’ve been trading clothes with a friend, and one of the pieces she’s given me is this black cheongsam with coloured patterns running through it. It’s really very beautiful, but I do wish it was full length. It’s currently this midi length on me and was probably made for much taller girls where it would end somewhere near the knee. Continue reading

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Onyx Killer

DSCN3370 copy

I was actually intending to do a orangey red lip today, but when it started raining, I automatically reached for the smoky eye.

This is a fierce and intense eye look that is really easy to do. You just need the one brush for the eye, and I used a stippling brush for my cheeks. (I love the photo above as it really shows the contouring I’ve done. I hate how the camera doesn’t usually capture my blush unless I pile a bunch on, and then I end up looking like a clown in real life.)

DSCN3379 copy

This look was achieved with the Ellena Mineral Cosmetics Slanted Eyeliner Brush. It’s a brush that is slightly thicker than my MAC and Sephora angled liner brush, which makes it perfect for depositing colour on the eyelid and eyebrows (using a thinner brush just takes too long).

I kept the rest of the makeup simple because of how incredibly dramatic the eye makeup was. I only contoured my cheeks with a matte brown eyeshadow (I’ve given up trying to find the perfect bronzer and just use eyeshadows now) and applied my lesser-used highlighter, Benefit High Beam on my face. It’s a lot more subtle than MAC Soft & Gentle, just enough to give the cheeks a lovely glow. I wanted a peachy pink for the lips, and pulled out one of my favourite lipsticks, MAC Sandy B. It looked a little washed out though, so I layered a mauve pink lipgloss over it, Painted Earth Mauve Baby Hint of Mint Lipgloss over it.  Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

DSCN3310 copy

Title taken from the eyeshadow palette I was using today, bareMinerals’ The Next Big Thing.

Today I decided to dress like some kind of cyber punk anime princess. I guess the makeup doesn’t really fit it, but the photos (see below) were edited with that theme in mind, hence the grungy high contrast filters.

It took me about a hundred selfies to pick out ones I liked. For some reason, I just couldn’t work the camera properly at first.

Makeup trick for today was to use two kinds of blushes for additional depth. I used both Benefit Coralista and MAC Warm Soul, concentrating Coralista on the applies of the cheeks, and Warm Soul just under that and swept that to the sides of the face. It’s not quite contouring, but it’s sort of like adding an extra dimension to the blush.  Continue reading

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Smoked Purple


It’s funny how a thunder and lightning immediately inspires me to do a smoky eye.

Today I reached for my Laura Mercier Artist’s Eye Palette 2013 Holiday Edition, decked out in beautiful greys and plums. Laura Mercier Artist's Palette for Eyes (dingy)

This photo was taken when it was all still shiny and new. Gosh. While I won’t go so far as to say that it’s been well loved, it certainly isn’t as pristine anymore these days.

My eyeshadow application today wasn’t very pristine. It was more like a muddied mess really, so you can’t really tell the different colours apart. I do like the final effect though, this hazy purple grey that was around the eyes.

Lipstick was a little confusing today. I started with a pink lipstick – Revlon Elusive Matte Balm – but it looked so incongruous with the rest of my makeup. I wiped it off, but there was still some of the pink left. I then layered MAC ‘O’ Lipstick over it, which got the plummy-pink colour you see in the photograph.

DSCN3181 copy

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All Over Rose


It’s surprising how quickly my bangs are growing out! I don’t think I’ll be going back to the microbangs anytime soon though, will probably stick to experimenting with various bobs and lobs as the hair slowly slowly grows out. I can’t wait to get it to shoulder length and try a sombre (yes it’s actually a real thing).

I really wish I could do OOTDs, but I still find it weird to ask random people to photograph my outfits, and I’m still shy about posing in public. =/ Anyways, today’s makeup is inspired by my outfit. It’s a maxi dress that I bought in from a flea a few weeks back. It’s beige polyester chiffon in the front which dips low in the front, and a black cotton jersey cut slightly shorter in the back. It made me think of soft romantic roses and beiges, which was what inspired the makeup.

Of course, when you think of roses and nudes, the first palette you’d go to would be Urban Decay Naked 3 (unless you have another palette you’d pull out, in which case, share in the comments!)

UD Naked 3

It took me a while to figure out which eyeshadow colours to pick out because I really haven’t used the palette in a while, and when that happens I usually feel the urge to use all the colours. The lip colour was tricky too. I was deliberating between a lighter coral (MAC Ravishing), a rosy brown (Bobbi Brown Nude Rose) and eventually settled for Soap & Glory Charm Offensive Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss (not kidding you that’s actually the name) which is a brownish mauve pink.

I also did something slightly different today, and used a dark brown concealer from my Catrice Concealer Palette to contour my cheeks. I received this concealer palette from my friend Hanis for my birthday last year. I’ve used the salmon pink colour to colour up dark circles, and the lighter colour to pat around my under eyes, but the darkest brown shade has gone pretty much unused. I tried it today, and I’m not entirely sure whether I like it. On one hand it’s really subtle, and can be like an everyday contour shade unlike the crazy contouring I did for my last photoshoot. However, it can look a little ashy on my skin, it’s such a cool-toned brown. I’ll play around with it a little longer before I give a verdict.

DSCN3107 copy

Macro mode, so you can see my skin in its full glory. Urgh, this camera is so good it picks up all sorts of flaws you don’t usually see in the mirror. Disclaimer: I’ve photoshopped the worst of the blemishes away.

Continue reading

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