Birthday Haul

 Yesterday was my birthday, and I received many awesome gifts (and made a couple of purchases too).


From the boyfriend. This was picked up at a bazaar along the Harbourfront Broadwalk that leads to Sentosa. They were shutting down, and everything was going for crazy cheap prices. 3 for $10. I picked the cutest necklaces there were. From left to right: a teal and silver peacock, a turquoise locket that has a magnetic clasp (the clasp is a little faulty though), and a necklace that looks like Cinderella’s carriage, and has a magnetic clasp too.


From Sakinah, I got a couple of things from Sephora. A Green Tea mask for getting rid of blemishes, and a bareMinerals quad, The Next Big Thing to be specific.


Look at how it says ‘Hello’ to you! The colours are so gorgeous too. I’ve been reading so many wonderful things about bareMinerals makeup I was so excited to try this out. They’re Rising Star, Smash Hit, Hoopla and Ensemble.


From Hanis, I got a blackboard and chalk, which now hangs in my room. And a Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon! It adds a nice plum tint to my lips, mostly evening and darkening out the lip colour. The shimmer’s barely there, and it has a strong mint colour.


And then I bought a couple of things for myself too. I purchased a backpack to replace my old one that’s been falling apart. I love this, it’s so pretty! And it goes with just about anything.


And a batwing top at the flea market for $3. It’s incredibly pretty, which you can see even with the blurry picture.

My birthday was excellent. Spent the afternoon at Sentosa, and then went to ION Orchard for dinner at Swensons. Unfortunately, I left my phone in the bathroom and it got stolen, hacked, and I’m extremely annoyed. Urgh. Gotta get a new phone now, and I was intending to use my iPhone 4S for another couple of years.

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Golden Goth

I bought a choker while I was in KL last week. It’s gorgeous, this beaded lace choker with gold chains hanging down. I decided to go Goth for the poetry slam I was attending last night then.

I kept the eyes fairly simple (while still being fairly heavy), and went for a really dark lip.


Continue reading

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Shanghai Red


This look’s actually entirely by accident. I was in Kuala Lumpur for the weekend, and stopped by the huge Sephora near Pavilion. On a whim, I went by and asked if they had the Sephora Cream Lip Stains in stock. I was so excited to see they had some of the colours there – I recognized Infinite Rose - but not Always Red, my HG red. The sales lady said they haven’t received any stock for about four months now. D= The story is the same in Singapore.

It doesn’t seem like it’s been discontinued because the entire line is still on sale on the US Sephora site. I’m now begging friends studying in the US to help me purchase it so I can get hold of it when they return for Christmas; sort of like an early Christmas present to myself.

I got back early this morning, and after lunch a friend came over to my room to play with my makeup. I picked up Sephora Always Red and just started to apply it (no makeup on at this point). It felt like a waste to just wipe it off so I kept it on.  Continue reading

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Smoky peach (or a smoky eye for day)


Today’s look is a strong smoky eye, paired with very soft peachy lips and cheeks


I came across this gorgeous photograph of Chloe Moretz on Harper Bazaar. Golden smoky eyes with peachy lips and cheeks; it’s a lovely combination. I’m nowhere near as pale as she is though, and I took the smoky eyes to another level (heh).

The smoky eyes are still softer and appropriate for day though, because lighter colours gold/brown colours are used, rather than greys and blacks.  Continue reading

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Lush Lips


I started out trying to do a bold orange eye and light lip colour, a look that won’t look it won’t melt off my face. After applying my lip colour though, I fell in love and realised that I was just going to stick to a bold lip. It helps that I have full lips as it is, I guess, but just look at that colour. Pity the camera doesn’t really capture the shimmer like in real life.  Continue reading

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Quick update: Skater Girl


Well, I really really don’t know what to title this look. And I love my new cap, which I bought from Bangkok.

I didn’t have much time to ensure that I took a decent photograph because I was rushing out of the room as I did it. I basically did this entirely with my hands (hooray cream products) and within ten minutes. Bright lips are such a fantastic way to perk up a look. You can barely tell I’d just rolled out of bed (took an afternoon nap that went a bit longer than I planned it to).

Minimal products today, I used:

1) Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream on the face
2) From the Sleek Sunset iDivide palette, I picked the pink gold shade on the second bottom right, applied it all over my eye with a finger
3) I took Urban Decay Mugshot (shimmery grey taupe) from the Naked 3 palette and blended it in the outer corners of my eye for dimension
4) I lined my upper lashline with Urban Decay Perversion, a matte jet black pencil
5) I used the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara on my lashes
6) I used a NYX Eyebrow pencil in black and filled in my lashes
7) I used the Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Illusion Lip and Cheek Cream Colour (peach with gold shimmer) on my cheeks
8) On my lips, I used OCC Radiate, a deep bright pink, and then patted OCC Androgyne, a translucent orange on top to get the pink coral you see.


Again, entirely without any brushes. ^^ Quick and easy way to look put together; just use a complex shade for the eyeshadow and a bold lip.

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Curls ^^


I visited a friend for Eid (or called Hari Ray in Singapore) today. After eating a great lunch cooked by her mom and eating awesome Raya cookies, Hanis pulled out her curling iron and spent a good half hour on my hair.

I was really nervous at first but I love how it gives so much volume and texture to my hair.


Here’s the back of it for more reference. I felt like a glamorous 20s Shanghainese pinup model.

The curls only lasted about four hours since she didn’t use any hair spray. I’ll keep in mind that this hairstyle suits me for the next time I head to a formal event. =)


Check out Hanis’ blog, she posts things about makeup, DIY stuff and pretty things.

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