Cinderella Inspired

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Today’s makeup is inspired by the upcoming live action remake of Cinderella. I know MAC has released a (rather disappointing) collection for this, in shades of all sorts of pastels and nudes that didn’t even really replicate how Lily James looks like in the promotional pictures. Here’s my take on it.


You will not believe the number of wallpapers and pictures I had to go through to figure out this one. It doesn’t help that for most of the trailer, she doesn’t look like she’s wearing any eye makeup at all (which I guess, is kind of the point). If you look at high resolutions of the above photo though, you can see she has a kind of shimmery gold eye, a bit of eyeliner, a rosy cheek and quite a lot of blush. I was going to use Urban Decay Half-Baked for the lid colour as first, then realised that gold was waaaay too pigmented and shimmery. I picked MAC Rubensque after, because it’s a sheer cream colour that can be slowly built up until you get the right shade.

And the brows, of curse, have to be very strong for this look.


Palette used is the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes 2013 Holiday Palette

Makeup Used

1) Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Loose Mineral Fondation in Cafe Breve
2) MAC Born to Love (blush)
3) MAC Soft & Gentle (highlight)

1) MAC Fluidline in Dipdown
2) Australis Tint Your Brows Brow Tint in Dark Brown

1) MAC Rubenesque (all over lid)
2) Laura Mercier Guava (middle of lid)
3) Laura Mercier Fresco (outer V of eye)
4) Laura Mercier Bamboo (crease)
5) MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
6) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

1) Sephora Lip Cream in Infinite Rose

DSCN4922 copy

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Also a rare OOTD.
Top from So Frocking Good.
Skirt from Soon Lee.

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Another Snow White


I really can’t seem to steer away from these Snow White inspired looks, can I? I suppose it’s because they’re fairly simple to carry out – hair as dark as coal, lips as red as blood and skin as white as snow ish.

I was doing my brows with my new MAC Fluidline (Dipdown, a matte red brown colour) and when I got them filled in, I thought “I don’t need any eyeshadow with this look” and only used mascara on the lids. I powdered over my face to keep my skin texture velvety looking, skipped blush to keep this looking a little more Gothic and this is the end result. Continue reading

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No Brush Makeup Tutorial

Please please please watch this in HD. 

It’s been something like 10 months, but I’ve finally done up another makeup video. Still stuck with my laptop’s webcam, which is pretty terrible, but I treated this as an exercise in editing. This is more like a trial thing to see whether or not I should try making videos or stick to my blog. (Note to self: never film self again when not wearing contacts. I was blind the entire time.) Also, yes my voice is pretty dead but I’m coming down with the flu I think. D=

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The Korean Skincare Regime Explained

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Products I use regularly in my skincare regime. Not pictured here: Body lotions, facial wash, cleansing oil, and my Clarisonic.

So in my post about my Korean skincare regime, I gave a general overview of I was doing, as well as general dos and don’ts. However, I neglected to mention what exactly each product within the regime does, which can be terribly confusing if you’re trying out the regime for the first time. (Bad me.) If you’re confused by all the many many products and names on the shelves (or even my list of products in the photograph’s caption), breathe. Here’s a breakdown on all of them.


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CNY Makeup Tips

For those of you who don’t know, Chinese New Year begins tomorrow. The feasting begins tonight with reunion dinner, where the entire family (and some of the extended bunch) will meet and dig into a lot of food.


Lo Hei time. 

My makeup changes a lot for my family events. I rarely see my extended family, and they probably still think I’m twelve or something, so I put away the blue eyeliner and green eyeshadow for these occasions.

This year I’m going to go with light gold tones (yay gold auspicious colour) for the eyes so Urban Decay’s Naked 2 Palette it is. I’m planning to go with lots of highlight but very little blush so I’m using the Benefit Gogo TropiCoral Lip & Cheek Kit for the Benefit Coralista blush and Benefit High Beam highlighter. The lips are going to be very soft and pink (OCC Electric Grandma and Sephora Infinite Rose Lip Cream pictured below, both of which are really long wearing).



A few basic things to note. You just want everything to be as long lasting as possible, and to be low maintenance. You also want to carry as few products as possible (so no brushes for your loose powder compacts) because chances are you have a cute purse to match your new outfit.  Continue reading

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Update: On Brows and Hair

Um. So. I haven’t done one of these updatey real blog posts now (as opposed to a tutorial or look).

If you are Facebook friends with me you might have heard of the disastrous brow threading I underwent yesterday.

I usually pluck my brows on my own but I decided to go the extra step and get them neatened up for Chinese New Year. The shop (which was this chain of Indian threading services that a few friends had recommended) was packed with Chinese ladies doing their brows for Chinese New Year, the women doing the threading had beautiful thick brows and I was sure I had come to the right place. I told the woman threading my brows I didn’t want them too thick. She ripped them right off, didn’t hand me a mirror, didn’t let me know what she was doing. Continue reading

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Beginner Basics: Brows

So this post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while because I’ve been too lazy to go search for the images (content was more or less done though). And then yesterday I got my eyebrows threaded and it was a disaster. Expect more follow up posts on brow shapes and how I intend to grow out my brows.  bg-eyebrows-hair-salon-miami-beach

Image from here

Ahhh… brows. This one’s a favourite topic of mine. There’s just something about a pair of beautifully groomed brows that excites me just as much as the lacquered look of freshly applied lipstick.

Your brows are important. More important than eyeshadow, or blush. It’s on the same level as foundation/face bases, on the same level as eyeliner, for some people even higher. I cannot emphasize the pain I feel when I see someone with incredibly strong eyeliner, but who don’t touch their brows at all. Your brows frame your face and eyes even more than your eyeliner does, so if you go for the incredibly defined eye, or the smoky eye, or the colourful eye, you want your brows there to balance out all that makeup. If you have sparse brows you’d just look like you don’t have eyebrows at all and we all know how strange that looks.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review - Brow Mascara - Dollz in Dubai

Your brows are important okay?


Just trust me on this one. 

If you’re just getting into makeup, you’d see there are a million different kinds of brow products there which may be a little overwhelming (actually this pretty much applies to all makeup.) This post is going to break these down so it’s easier for you to pick which ones will fit you better. But before you start filing them in, make sure you


It makes life so much easier, really. Continue reading

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