DSC00970 copy DSC00959 copy

Though I suppose if I really wanted to go with the whole bronzed look I would have used bronze on my face (note to self to do that in future).  But it felt nice to pull out a pink lipstick again, even if I did throw on a plummy purple gloss under to reduce its pinkness (ehehehe. I don’t know what it I have against pink.)

MAC Bronze is one of my favourite brown shades for an all-over colour. It’s got a bit of gold pearl, that gives the colour dimension, so you don’t need to add a lot of other eyeshadows in. I kept everything else very light. so that this didn’t veer into goth category again.

For the cheeks I used planning to leave them bare, or maybe use Benefit Rockateur.Eventually used the Tarte Blushing Bride Cheek Stain for some very very subtle colour (it’s barely picked up by the camera) but it’s just enough to make it look like I didn’t cake foundation all over my skin.  Continue reading

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3 Day Red Lips Challenge: Day 3

Day 1 | Day 2 |

DSC00881 copy DSC00910 copy DSC00927 copy DSC00942 copy

Because this was inspired by runway looks, I have to pout like a runway model.

Third and last day of the 3 Days Red Lip Challenge! Don’t forget to check out Maria‘s blog for her take on the challenge. She’ll be doing a roundup post tomorrow, and has been updating her looks on her Instagram account!

This one was inspired by Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway look. It features glowing skin, a healthy pink blush, barely there eye makeup and of course, one glistening red pout. I used a lipstick that had a creamy finish to get that a fresh beautiful look. This one’s definitely very wearable in hot Singaporean weather.

This is the look that’s started my trend of applying highlighter underneath my foundation to get a lovely, very natural glow. In the video, the makeup artist also used a bronzer for both the cheeks and the eyes to get a very soft warm on the face, but since I don’t own a bronzer that won’t turn me orange, I used a matte brown eyeshadow instead. Continue reading

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3 Day Red Lips Challenge: Day 2

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DSC00877 copy

DSC00864 copy DSC00861 copy DSC00877 copy

Do you ever wonder what that shine on my face is? It’s not oil. It’s sweat, if that’s any better. The weather has been so warm lately and my room isn’t air conditioned. D= 

As the title states, today is Day 2 of the #3dayredlipschallenge. I’m collaborating with Maria from Do check out her posts and her Instagram account, she’s awesome!

As I said in the last post, I’m doing looks to break the perception tgat red lips are only meant for glamourous evening looks. After all, why should a whole range of colours be restricted only for special occasions? (Answer: It shouldn’t.)

Today’s look was 90s grunge inspired inspired. People always think of red as a chic, classic glamorous color, but red browns and wines are always good for a darker grittier look. Angst is the best accessory for this lip color. Continue reading

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3 Day Red Lips Challenge: Day 1

Day 2 | Day 3 |

DSC00838 copy

So first, what is the Red Lip Challenge?

Over the next three days, I’m going to be doing a collaboration with Maria from, a really lovely girl I’ve met on Instagram. We’ve agreed to wear red lipstick (in different shades and finishes) for the next three days as a challenge. Check out her look for Day 1 here!

What actually spawned this was when I saw a photo she’d uploaded of herself wearing Sephora Always Red Lip Cream. As you may know, this is my HG red and is perfect for creating beautiful glamorous looks. I usually wear this one for formal dinners, it’s so beautiful.

DSC00759 copy

Like seriously, look at that colour. See the rest of the look here.

I’ve worn plenty of glamorous red looks before, so I’ve planned out (yes, I’ve actually planned this out like the makeup obsessive I am) three different kinds of red lips that work for more everyday makeup. Red lipstick is so beautiful after all, and shouldn’t be reserved for just special occasions.

I’ve not ‘cheated’ (not really cheating I guess but I don’t know what else to call it) by using tints or balms; these looks will use intense colors to show how you can change up red looks, and how wearable red lipstick can be. What I did leave out whilst planning the looks was an orange red lip, because I always turn to OCC Psycho for day-approporiate red lip looks and wanted to go out of my comfort zone.

So for day 1, picked out a GLOSSY CORAL RED shade.

This is a really casual way to wear a red lip, and goes perfectly with jeans and sneakers. Coral reds are reds that have a pink-orangey undertone, and is a perfect summery shade for those who don’t really like orangey coral lipsticks, or who who are going into red lipstick for the first time and are intimidated by the ruby reds. I applied gloss on top to keep it all looking fresh.

While most people recommend going with very very light makeup for the rest of the face when doing a red lip colour, I decided to keep the rest of my face looking as colourful as my lip by applying Clinique Ginger Pop on my cheeks for a warm colour, and bronzey eyeshadows on the eyes. I still kept fairly light coloured eyeshadows on the eyes so it wouldn’t overwhelm the lips, and didn’t really bring any colour above my crease (and I don’t have a lot of lid space) so that keeps the colour still looking fairly subtle.

Do note though, concealer is your best friend when wearing a red lip Red lips tend to highlight any redness on the rest of your face, so if you have a lot of natural redness (like me because I always have acne somewhere) you’d want to cover that up. Continue reading

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2 Quick Makeup Looks

DSC00755 DSC00798 copy

Yesterday I did my makeup in a moving taxi. It was also a journey that consisted entirely of being on three separate highways so really there were no stop lights for me to be able to do my eye makeup safely. So I pretty much didn’t. (Still had some shadow and mascara though.)

I can’t really remember what makeup I used. Lips were definitely lined with Jordona Lip Liner in Sedona Red, and then I had Sephora Always Red Lip Cream on top. Cheeks were MAC Warm Soul. I had applied a dab of Urban Decay Darkside from the Naked 3 Palette (dark taupey purple) on my upper lashlines.

DSC00759 copy

And here are a couple of OOTDs.  Continue reading

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DSC00752 copy

Today’s look was done really haphazardly. I didn’t take any closeups, because although the lighting in my room was made for some cool photographs (it was storming outside) it’s really messy up close and doesn’t look too good.

Still did much narcissistic posing. I don’t know what it was about the strong brows, the dark eye and the lighting that made me feel like some kind of protagonist in a Japanese horror movie. Who would probably die in some unexpected fashion in the last minute when you think the movie’s over after surviving all sorts of horrors.

My eyeshadows were from my Sleek Cosmetics Badgirl Palette, a palette that is filled with silvers and greys, with pops of deep green, blues and purples. Very badgirl. Strangely enough, I didn’t use the shade that was actually labelled ‘gunmetal’.  Continue reading

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Psychedelic Barbie

DSC00688 copy DSC00690 copy DSC00691 copy
Yesterday’s makeup! This look was done really quickly, in about the five minutes it took for me to call a cab. I love love love this lip color (OCC Yaoi) and really should get around to reviewing it. It wore really well on the lips too, and would probably have lasted longer than six hours if I didn’t insist on eating Tom Khai Kai (a Thai coconut based soup) for dinner, that stuff would get any lip color off.
I am also happy that my brows have mostly grown out. I realize the reason why I was freaking out about them so much before was because they had been trimmed, and therefore looked really sparse, almost patchy at certain points of the face. It looks acceptable enough now that I don’t feel the need to fill them in before going out. If they look a little messy now it’s because I’m trying to get it back to the original shape as much as possible before I began plucking it into shape.

Continue reading

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