Black Lips

Woohoo. So I finally have a pure matte black lipstick: Lime Crime’s Black Velvet Velvetine.

I’ve been a little obsessed with black lips lately. It’s always thought to be a Goth thing, but tehre’s been lots of pictures on Instagram and Pintrest that shows how black lipstick needn’t look Goth, it can look really really chic. It’s usually paired with barely-there eye makeup and strong brows, and a blush so you don’t look like a corpse.

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Unfortunately this kinda failed for me. I can’t decide if it’s because I’m so pale, because I have dark  hair, or if it’s because my lips are so full that it still ends up looking really gothic. I had to use eyeliner, because my eyes looked super naked otherwise. Also black lips are horrendously difficult to do, I spend forever trying to get a precise lip line but am still not satisfied with the result.

I am extremely impressed with the Velvetine formula though. While it was super difficult to get on, this stuff wore like a champ. Had pasta for lunch, and I didn’t need to touch it up until after dinner (which was about eight hours after initial application). Seriously amazing formula (it didn’t dry up my lips most long wearing lip products do) and the finish is beautiful too.

DSC02778 copy DSC02784 copy DSC02786 copy

Makeup Used

1) Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation
2) Benefit High Beam
3) Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Illusion Cream Lip and Cheek Color

1) MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
2) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

1) MAC Dipdown Fluidline

1) Lime Crime Matte Velvetine in Black Velvet

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Venus Palette Series: Look 1 Pink Shell

 DSC02696 copyDSC02699 copy
The Venus Palette Series is going to be a series of tutorials that will feature the beauty of the Lime Crime Venus Palette. I love this palette, I love how versatile it is, and how beautiful and unique its colours are and can’t wait to show you what can be done with it.
Something glorious happened this morning; my Lime Crime haul arrived! I found a seller on Carousell who was taking preorders for Lime Crime products. I’ve been in love with the Lime Crime Venus Palette for a while (I mean the pigmentation is amazing and those colours are just gorgeous), and jumped on the chance to order it. I also ordered a couple of Velvetines while I was at it: Black Velvet (matte black) and Wicked (deep dark red).
So I intend to do a bunch of looks with this eye palette. A lot of the tutorials online have created very grungy looks with this (which I intend to create too) but I really love how there are such pretty pinks in the palette too. This is a lovely look that is so suitable for the summer, and doesn’t look like your typical neutral eye, or even a typical pink eyeshadow look, probably because the pink I (Lime Crime Rebirth) is such a warm coraley shade. (Weird thing is, there’s an eyeshadow called ‘Shell’ in this palette but I didn’t use it at all for this look.)
DSC02725 copyDSC02735 copy DSC02728 copy DSC02709 copy DSC02708 copy

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Rose Gold

DSC02678 copy DSC02679 copy DSC02687 copy DSC02688 copy

I realise that I can’t do traditional bronzed looks. My skin is just too ghost pale, and without any warmth (I’ve been told I have olive undertones, I can’t decide if I’m neutral or cool). Bronzed eye looks and cheeks only look really good when you have a beautiful warm undertone that brings out all the golden tones I feel. So I love rose golds, because there’s a rosier undertone that I feel it doesn’t look as stark against my skin. I dusted Benefit Rockateur all over my cheeks to get a subtle bronzy glow, and used the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette on the eyes.

Revlon Complex Matte Balm is my new favourite nude. I hate using the word ‘nude’ because of many ethnic issues with the word but this pale shade (I think it is a beige with peach undertones) really cancels out the redness of my lips, but doesn’t leave me looking like a corpse. I applied a peach lipgloss over it to bring out the peach undertones. Also because I think applying a rose gold gloss would be too much for this look, and the peach really balances it all out nicely.

Makeup Used

Eyes (Naked 3 palette)
1) Maybelline Bad to the Bronze 24 Hour Eye Tattoo (lid)
2) UD Trick (rose gold all over lid)
3) UD Factory (outer third)
4) UD Nooner  (crease)
5) UD Blackheart (upper and lower lashline)
6) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

1) Jane Iredale Amazing Base Pressed Powder Foundation
2) Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
3) Benefit Rockateur

1) Revlon Complex Matte Balm
2) MAC Pure Flattery Lipglass

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Brown Days

DSC02655 copy DSC02660 copy DSC02638 copy DSC02646 copy

Today was one of those days where I had no idea what I was doing with my face. And when I was done and going through my photos I started feeling “oh crap I should have done X or Y to my face as well/instead”. Do you ever feel like that? I can’t be the only one.

Today I didn’t even know I was going for a smoky eye look (I started with plummy lips and pink cheeks) and now I wish I had swept a little bronzer, or a plummy shade like Benefit Sugarbomb on my cheeks to warm them up a little, they look a little… empty in the photos. Or untouched. Rargh.

On another note, I really really want to get NARS Altai Matte Multiple as a daily bronzer. Thoughts? I figured a cream is more convenient than powder, as I have lately been in the habit of using cream blushes rather than powder ones (too lazy to take out my makeup brushes, heh).
Makeup Used

Eyes (Used the Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette for Eyes 2013 Holiday Edition and Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette)
1) Laura Mercier Plum Smoke (matte medium purple, lids)

2) LM Truffle (deep matte brown, outer third and crease)
3) UD Chopper (rosy copper shimmer, middle of lid)
4) LM Vanilla Nuts (matte off white, inner third of eye)
5) UD Stag 24/7 Glide On Liner (matte brown cream, upper lashline)
6) Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara (upper lashline)
2) Tarte Blushing Bride Cheek Stain (dewy warm medium pink, apples of cheeks)
1) Clinique Broadest Berry Chubby Stick (creamy plum)
2) MAC Viva Glam VI Lipglass (plum gloss with pink and gold shimmer)

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Failed Modern Glam

DSC02591 copy DSC02606 copy
Inspired by Lisa Eldridge’s ‘Quick Modern Glam‘ video. She gives tips on how to wear a neutral eye with a red lip without looking like a vintage pin up girl.

I think I overdid it though. I was hurriedly doing my makeup in a dark room and realised I picked too-dark eyeshadows when I checked my makeup in the sunlight and it looks like I’ve got too much makeup on now. Eck. Note to self in future though, always do the bold dramatic lip before applying eyeshadow and blush to make sure everything balances out.

I’m back in love with OCC Psycho, a gorgeous bright orange red shade, my go-to red for the day. It’s also so appropriate for summer!

Makeup Used:

1) UD Snakebite (all over lids)
2) UD Busted (outer third)
3) UD Half Baked (middle of eye)
4) UD Perversion mascara

1) Laneige BB Cushion
2) Maybelline Peach Satin Dream Bouncy Blush

2) Bobbi Brown Canary High Shimmer Lip Gloss

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Beating The Summer Heat

DSC02555 copy DSC02549 copy DSC02556 copy

This was Sunday’s makeup! As a Singaporean you’d think I have many many many posts that cover this topic, but shockingly I don’t.

Generally I like using my Laneige BB Cushion as it has high SPF and is mildly water resistant so it stays put on my face despite sweat. (It contains silicon though, so beware if you have easily clogged pores.) Cream blushes and cheek tints are good too as they cling to your skin and last longer than powder blushes and don’t cake up when you sweat (Tip: Cream products can be massaged back into the skin when you sweat, but powder products can’t.) So skip the powder blush and go for something like Benefit’s Benetint  (yes I am a convert) or Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rogues.

I cannot be bothered to put on eyeshadow for today (generally though you can trust MAC Paint Pots and Maybelline’s 24 Hour Eye Tattoos to stay on) but I still want colour on my face. Solution: coloured eyeliner. Instead of using a black liner, use jewel tones like deep blues, greens and purples, which are perfect for a subtle hint of colour. I used a purple for today and did a bit of a wing.

Products Used:

1) Laneige 6-in-1 BB Cushion
2) L’Oréal Violet Volt HIP Chrome Eyeliner
3) Urban Decay Perversion mascara
4) Australis Brow Tint in Dark Brown
5) Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pot Rogue
6) NYX Snow White Round Lipstick
7) MAC Spring Bean Lipglass

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Reviving the White Eyeliner Trend

DSC02461 copy DSC02465 copy DSC02469 copy DSC02473 copy

White eyeliner was really commonly seen in the 2013 runways. It’s super pretty, and so simple to use.

I didn’t do anything fancy, just lined my upper lashline with white eyeliner after I applied Urban Decay Snakebite to the lids like I did here, just with a lot more intensity. I applied lots of products to the cheeks, highlighter, blush and contour to give definition because I felt some was due with this alieny look.

Also, this is Revlon Sultry Matte Balm on my lips. This beauty is unfortunately unavailable in Singapore, so I got a friend to help me purchase it when she was in london. It’s a beautiful plummy shade and it is a crime that this is not available in Singapore, I can see it suiting so many different complexions and it’s such a wearable everyday colour. Not an MLBB lip, but for the days when you want a bit more pizzaz in school/work without going for a dramatic red lip.  Continue reading

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