Matte About You

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I didn’t know what makeup to use for today, so I ended looking at various YouTube tutorials. I settled on Michelle Phan’s ‘Soho Glam’ tutorial, with my own changes of course.

I used the Happy Skin SS Creme foundation rather than the ZZ Cream, which is what I usually use. Creme formulas are creams that dry to powder, which then give a slightly matter finish. Yes my skin still looks mildly dewy in the photos, because that’s the finish the SS Creme gives. I didn’t powder because, since I live in a tropical climate I’m not that that much into a completely matte look, as sweat and hyperactive sebaceous glands mean that I will never ever really be matte.

I kept the matte eyeshadows and cheek colours. The Clinique Chubby Stick I used is a cream rather than matte finish, but since I didn’t prep my lips with lip balm before it doesn’t look too wet.

I actually quite like this look! It’s very chic, and quite natural looking despite the pink eyeshadow I have on. Also I have on a pink blouse and scarf so it’s ended up almost monochromatic looking. This is when I really wish I had a warmer skin tone to blend my browns into, Michelle Phan always looks good with just a brown eyeshadow and blush.  Continue reading

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“French Girl” Part 2 OOTD

Yesterday’s hobo chic outfit (I’m actually not too sure it can be called French inspired, it doesn’t feel clean enough for that.) Taken with appropriately hipster background. It was taken at night with really blurry lighting and I suppose my camera can only do so much.

You can see how I did the makeup here, but by this point my red lipstick had mostly worn off and I never got the chance to retouch it. DSC01893 copy DSC01890 copy

Duster from So Frocking Good
Boots from Madeena
Dress is a secondhand thing from a mom’s colleague’s daughter.

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“French Girl” Look Part 2

DSC01846 copy DSC01866 copy DSC01867 copy

Yesterday I had a smoky brown look for the “French Girl” inspired makeup. Today I threw in a red lip and a warmer blush. I kept the eye look largely the same, except I switched the eyeshadow for a lighter taupe shade. I should have actually skipped the eyeliner, to keep all attention to the lips, but I can’t help it, I love me a good eyeliner and I’d forgotten how much I loved applying pencil ones.

This is a super quick and easy look. I didn’t even bother with a lip liner for the lips, as I wanted something that looked a little smudged, not too perfect looking. I blotted my lips a little to get this colour.

Also how beautiful are the red tones of my hair in these photos. (Sorry if I keep raving about this, I’m just too used to seeing jet black flat hair and the highlights give it such nice depth now.) Spritzed sea salt again for texture.

Makeup Used

1) Happy Skin ZZ Cream Foundation
2) Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer
3) Clinique Ginger Pop Cheek Pop blush (red coral, apples of cheeks)

1) MAC Groundwork Paint Pot (matte taupe brown, all over eyelid)
2) Shishedio Eyeliner Pencil in #7 Deep Brown (matte deep brown, upper lashline and smudged out)
3) Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Shishedio Eyeliner Pencil in #7 Deep Brown (matte deep brown, upper lashline and smudged out)

1) NYX Eyebrow Pencil Liner in Dark Brown

1) Urban Decay SuperSaturated High Gloss Lip Color in Theodora  (glossy cherry lip)

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“French Girl” Inspired

DSC01792 copy DSC01822 copy DSC01812 copy

This is a very misleading title. There are many French ‘It” girls and street style fashions but I really couldn’t think of a better title. I’ve got a friend in Paris right now and she keeps sending the most beautiful photos, which led me to research on French fashion.

As much as I hate to essentialize, all the beauty articles define this as “French girl” makeup, hair, fashion, etc. There are a few common trends, namely:

  • Minimal foundation. This means of course having excellent skin (which I do not have) so I applied a light layer of foundation and then whacked my skin with concealer.
  • Beautifully defined, even a little wild brows. No over plucking here!
  • Mascara – even if you skip the eyeliner mascara (black of course) for bigger beautiful lashes is a must. Try to use only one coat though.
  • Pencil or gel liner, not liquid. Basically you want your makeup to look effortless and lived in, and liquid is just too polished.
  • Blush – this seems to be a must-have in all the articles I’ve seen! Try to pick deeper plummy or red hues instead of baby pinks for a more sophisticated finish. I used a raspberry red cream blush on my cheeks today.
  • Lips – keep it matte,  no glosses here. Colours range from pinks, nudes and red. I really love how some people wear jeans and a T-shirt and have a ruby lip as their crowning accessory. Also you’d think pinks are very girlish but when you pick a matte shade you’d be surprised at how edgy it can look. Here I’m using MAC Mehr.

For my own look, I decided to do a smoky brown eye. I applied a brown eyeshadow all over and smudged brown eyeliner in. I paired this with rosy red cheeks and a matte pink lip. It’s a very simple look but I still feel really beautiful in it. I added sea salt to my hair to give it more texture and volume, because even my second day hair is impossibly fine and limp.

Also, if you’ve not seen on my Instagram account, I dyed my hair with box dye again! I used Liese’s Rose Tea Brown Creamy Bubble Colour, which has lightened my hair by three shades and gives me really beautiful red brown highlights. Do follow me on Instagram, where I put in random daily updates and photos of pretty things to brighten your day.   Continue reading

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Goldie (and some tips for wearing makeup with glasses!)

DSC01768 copy DSC01771 copy DSC01777 copy DSC01781 copy DSC01772 copy

Makeup for glasses. Because I had an exam, and still felt the need to prettify myself. (I might have makeup addiction issues.) Picked a lot of gold tones for today’s makeup (therefore the title, I am so original, hoho). And yes, here are photos with me in glasses + makeup, which is a rare sight (I really didn’t want to put on contacts just to squint at my exam sheet.)

Also today’s happy makeup discovery! I used Ellana Mineral Cosmetics Diva Cream Lip and Cheek Colour as a blush colour (I usually use it as a contour). I was so pleasantly surprised to see what a wearable shade it is when sheered out! It’s a scary intense bronze inside of the pan and works well enough as a contour colour on me but when used as a blush… I mean look at how pretty and subtle it is!

Quick Makeup Tips for those wearing glasses:

  • CURL YOUR LASHES. Just so that your mascarad lashes don’t end up fluttering against your lenses. I am terrible at remembering to curl my lashes (yes I always skip this step) but actually remember to when I have my specs on.
  • Go for bright eyeshadow colours. Your glasses lens tend to ‘dim’ your face a little as they cast a shadow. It’s the perfect time to wear those bright eyeshadow colours you rarely reach out for as they’re going to be muted by your glasses.
  • Groom your brows. Because you need it to frame your face and balance your glasses, especially if you have the big black frames that are so popular today.
  • Wear a dramatic lip (bright corals, fuschias, reds, deep purples), if you don’t do very much for your eyes. It’s the perfect way to complement your dramatic specs, I feel.

Continue reading

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Romantic Victorian Look

DSC01694 copy DSC01693 copy DSC01679 copy DSC01709 copy

Today’s makeup! I told myself I’d do a deep berry lip and a really simple eye, with maybe just one eyeshadow blended all over the lid, but nope. Nope. I went all the way. I couldn’t help myself.

Also I am SO MAD, I had a really long list of makeup items for this look, and WordPress jsut ate it up. And I can’t really remember what I used anymore. Ooops.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for the eyes to get a really romantic smoky brown look that still has pink/purple undertones. I also used the Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry for the cheeks; I notice I always turn to this red-toned blush when I want a more sophisticated look.

On the lips are Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter (red tinted lip balm), Happy Skin Girl’s Night Out Lippe and Maybelline Glam 6 Lip Polish. I love this glistening purple finish, it goes so well with the lips, and is really like a romantic Victorian look, veering but not quite entering into the Gothic category.

DSC01716 copy

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Teal Summer

DSC01612 copy DSC01624 copy DSC01622 copy

This is a quick, low maintenance look that is kind a staple of mine: teal liner on the eyes, coral cheeks and glossy golden lips. It’s fresh and simple, perfect for both spring and summer. I added in a bronze eyeliner on the lower lashes and a little bit of matte brown shadow on the eyes, but those steps are optional.

Cream blushes are wonderful as they’re so easy to apply, and give a dewy fresh look all on their own, so you can usually skip the highlighter after that. I also used a liquid liner on the eyes; this stuff will not budge. (Unfortunately, MAC discontinued the Liquid Last Liner series. =( Maybelline’s Tenacious Teal is a decent substitute for this though.)   Continue reading

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