First post

Well, I’m shifting over from the LJ account after spending a grand total of 30 days and exactly 30 posts to Wordpress. Hopefully it would be easier to advertise the blog on WordPress. I will be moving some posts over, such as my posts on makeup brushes, eyeshadows, as well as my opinion piece. (Hope to write more of those too.)

Since this is the blog’s virgin’s post, I shall just write down future goals for the blog here.
1) To be the kind of go-to blog whenever makeup, cosmetic or even fashion advice is needed. (Yes I intend to expand into fashion, I hope that goes well.) 

2) To entertain people – I hope to write more opinion pieces, and yeah, I’ve been told that I sound pretty entertaining when I go into rage mode.

3) To educate – well ‘educate’ sounds really scary. More like I take pleasure in debunking makeup myths that float around (possibly the debater in me doing so). Also, well, the point to opinion pieces is to hopefully introduce new information.

4) I’m hoping to generate enough attention to this blog in order to get sponsors from cosmetic companies and even blogshops. But we’ll see.

I am extremely grateful to my friends who have been supportive of my makeup obsession and have been reading my LJ account.

And to any new readers, hello! And happy reading!



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2 Responses to First post

  1. LAND OF FUN says:

    So nice blog with so true and cute posts …Good Luck to you dear Friend 😀

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