Brown eyes and coral blush

First posted on April 3 2013 on my LJ.
The inspiration for the look. It’s called ‘Lush Blush’, from Australian makeup artist Rae Morris’ book ‘Express Makeup.

This look is extremely well suited for Asian eyes, especially those that are single-lidded, and have huge problems with eye makeup disappearing into the folds of the eyes. This was how the model looked before any makeup. It’s a very simple brown smoky eye that’s easy to achieve.
This is how I got the look, adjusting some of Morris’ instructions.
1) Line eyes (both upper and lower lashes) with a chocolate brown kohl.
2) Take a pencil brush (like the MAC 219, or for a cheaper option, Cosmetica’s Rounded Contour brush), dip it in chocolate brown eyeshadow (I used MAC’s Mulch for this) and blend the pencil and the shadow together.
3) Take a black liquid liner and draw a very thin precise line, keeping as close the lash line as possible for extra definition. (This was a step I took that was not included in the book)
4) Apply mascara
5) The book said to use an apricot blush, which I don’t own. I used a coral one instead, MAC Born to Love.
6) Lips were finished off with the Urban Decay Glinda Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour, which is a pinky nude that leaves a glossy finish on the lips. (The book said to add just lip gloss, but looking at the finished photo you know that’s not the model’s natural lip colour)
This is me with one eye done and no BB cream. The makeup makes a huge difference to the shape and size of the eye.
You should be able to see a gradation with the eyes like in the picture above. It’s really hard to get the effect using just fingers, which is why brushes are awesome. (Shall blog about the wonderfulness of cheap Cosmetica brushes one day.)

And photos with Instagram filters.
This was with Hefe. Nude lips look very red here.

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4 Responses to Brown eyes and coral blush

  1. Rachel says:

    Hahaha did you write this post for me or what? 😛 Looks really great and I will definitely try it soon!

    • natziwang says:

      Haha. This one was done some time ago. Oh and I tried out the look on someone who has eyes like yours, she looked amazing in them! Tag me in your photos of the looks when you’re done. =)

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