Defined eyes and nude lips


First posted on April 9 2013 on my LJ.

IMG_1235This one was titled ‘Mod Gloss’ in Rae Morris’ book ‘Express Makeup’.
Black liquid liner, silver kohl on the waterline, and lots of mascara. The cheeks have a rosy pink cream blush on them, and the look was finished with a nude matte lipstick.IMG_1236
Close up of what the eye looks like.This eye requires incredibly precise detail. I’d prefer to use a gel rather than a liquid (she claims she uses liquid here, but it doesn’t look as glossy as most liquid eyeliners do). Also, I’d rather not use the liquid liner’s brush to paint my angled liner brush, which is crucial for getting the sharp edges at the bottom.

I don’t own a silver pencil, so I just used a white eyeliner instead.
Closeup of my eye. As you can see, I toned it down and didn’t do it like the original.

MAC Dainty (pink powder with gold sparkle) on the cheeks.

I used the Urban Decay Glinda lip pencil on the lips, which made the lips glossy rather than matte. I figured it wouldn’t look OTT, because I had toned down the eyes already.

And the usual Instagram photos.


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