Hey Sailor

Originally posted on April 10 2013 on my LJ. 
One of the dresses I ordered online came in yesterday. Gave it a rinse, and wore it for today.
It’s blue and white nautical stripes, so I figured I should go for the sailor look. Pity I don’t own the sailor hat.
IMG_1315The look’s called ‘The Morning After’, from Rae Morris’ book ‘Express Makeup’.Basically, what you do if you didn’t wipe off your makeup before falling asleep with glitzy smokey clubbing type makeup. When you wake up, the makeup would have smudged all over the place, leaving a panda eye.The thing is to use a non-oily makeup remover (oily makeup removers mean you have to completely wash the face after) to remove the panda eyes and the patchy foundation. All the smudging would mean the eyes end up perfectly lined, and the mascara would be a little clumpy. Reapply foundation or concealer, add a bit more mascara, (so it gets clumpier, which looks pretty good in my opinion, despite all the hating towards clumps. Notice the clumps tend to be at the outer third of the eye though). Then Morris applied the brightest orange lipstick (looks bright proper orange, rather than a peach or coral) she had. (The picture shows there’s a golden sheen.)

I don’t own an orange lipstick, so I used the brightest red lipstick I had, which I’ve not worn for a while. I used Revlon Colourburst ‘True Red’. It’s brighter than MAC Kanga Rogue, and glossier looking than MAC Ruby Woo (of course, which has a matte finish). It has a slightly more orange undertones than either of the above two lipsticks, but still fades to a pink for me. I won’t call it an orange red, but more like a true neutral red. (I do think that’s because my own lips are really pigmented though.)

How I got the look:
1) Applied Urban Decay Illusion (from the Glinda palette) all over the eyelid. It’s a warm champagne with gold sparkles. It blends almost completely into my skin, but gives it a very subtle glow.
2) Lots and lots of liquid eyeliner, along the top lash line, and the outer two thirds of the lower lash line. I extended the eyeliner a little to get the wing effect.
3) Lots and lots of mascara, concentrating on the outer corner of the eye.
4) I used a black eyebrow pencil and darkened and shaped the eyebrows a little. Mostly at the end of the brow, where my brow hair is a little sparse.
5) BB cream all over the face.
6) MAC Warm Soul over the apples of the cheeks.
7) Bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks.
8) Buffed translucent finishing powder all over the face, and in the process, blended the blush and bronzer.
9) Applied Revlon True Red onto the lips.
Instagram pics
Felt like cutting my hair into a bob after this picture. Right now it’s tied up in a bun.
I especially like this one.
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  1. Great lip colour on you!

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