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Since I failed to do the brown makeup I wanted to, I didn’t have much time to do anything to my face. My skin was surprisingly clear this morning, so I didn’t do anything to it, and just swiped on a bright coral pink lipgloss.
IMG_1403This is me just wearing lipgloss. (MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lauper lipglass if you’re wondering. It’s a beautiful colour, but unfortunately, is a limited edition. I think I bought it in late 2010)


Who says people with thick lips can’t wear bright colours?
(Meh, but I didn’t notice it was looking slightly blotchy before I ran for class. Still a gorgeous colour.)

And in the afternoon, before I went for Drama rehearsal, I decided to play around with my pink pigment. It’s MAC Madly Personal. I picked this up at the MAC fair at NUS last year, where they were clearing out products from old collections, or those that aren’t sold in stores anymore. Everything was absurdly cheap. The pigment was either $10 or $12 (I think it’s usually about $45).
IMG_1408Only a sheer powder patted on the skin. I didn’t apply eyeliner, mascara or blush.IMG_1432
MAC Madly Personal pigment.
It’s a matte pink, that can look either like a pale baby pink or a fuchsia, depending on how much product you pack on or how much you decide to blend it out.
How it looks in the bottle.It can look a little scary, but it’s actually a really wearable shade of pink. I can see it looking good on both warm and cool skin tones.IMG_1433
MAC Bronze. It’s a brown with a frosty golden sheen.

The powders swatched on my arm. See how sheer the pink can get if you blend it out?

I packed lots of colour on the lids.

Applied the pigment over the lips, and MAC Bronze at the outer V of the eye. I didn’t use either a damp brush or a primer, and you can still get a really strong colour.

With Instagram filters
Lipgloss in the morning.

I think I just might be able to achieve this kind of intensity with the pigment, if I applied the pigment damp and over a primer.



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