Red eyeshadow


First published on April 16 2013 on my LJ.

So a friend was telling me about how Michelle Phan had said in a tutorial to stay away from red eyeshadows because they tend to look bad. I took that as a challenge and said I’ll try using red eyeshadows.

Red eyeshadows are tricky. For one, there aren’t very many shades of red there are out there, especially true fire engine or ruby colours. This happens for a few reasons.

1) Lack of demand.
Michelle Phan was right when she said that they tend to look bad. It’s very very easy to pick shades that will make they eye look swollen and puffy. However, the same goes for pink eyeshadow, so to me, it’s about choosing the right shade.

2) Allergy reactions.
All makeup contain pigments (duh). That’s what gives it its colour. Red pigments, for some reason, are the ones that cause the most number of allergies. This is the reason why there are so few shades on the market.

MAC used to have quite a few pigments that were labelled as unsafe for the eyes, or the lips. Most people can try those without getting any problems, but people with sensitive skin ought to take note of such warnings. If I’m not wrong though the newly formulated products don’t have this problem.

Illamasqua Daemon Eyeshadow. It’s a matte neutral red, without either very strong orange or blue undertones.
Image taken from The author has written a fantastic article about the use of red eyeshadows, have a look at it.

MAC Cranberry. This is a MAC Pro shade. It’s not a true red, there are burgundy undertones here. This is one of the most wearable and flattering shades of red.

Previous looks where I’ve used MAC Cranberry. I used it all over the lid, rather than as an accent colour or a crease colour.
With a matte black eyeshadow in the crease.

Lined with a grey eye pencil along the lashline and the crease, and then I smudged it out.

I used Cranberry as a crease colour here.

To get the look:

1) Applied primer to the lids.
2) Applied Urban Decay Broken (matte light beige) all over the lids.
3) Applied Urban Decay Beware (matte caramel brown) as a contour colour, in the last two thirds of the eye.
4) Applied MAC Cranberry as a crease colour with a pencil brush.
5) Used a fluffy blending blush to blend Cranberry beyond the crease and towards the brow bone. I kept my eyes open as I did this so I could see how far i could blend it up to.
6) Applied mascara.
7) Dusted powder on the face.
8) Applied blush – MAC Dainty.
9) Applied a highlighter – MAC Soft and Gentle.
10) Applied a rosy lip pencil.
11) Applied a pink lip gloss over it – MAC Baby Blooms. This is a pink lipgloss with gold shimmer, but looks kinda transluscent on me. But it does look very juicy on the lips.

Photo on 16-4-13 at 3.51 PM
Tip for preventing mascara fallout: Take a piece of tissue, hold it close the the lower eyelash. Blink a few times, or close your eyes for a few seconds. When you take the piece of paper away, the mascara fallout should be on the tissue.

By the way, I used the following products for my cheeks to get that lovely glowy effect.
MAC Mineralize Blush Dainty on the apples of the cheeks. It’s a lovely warm pink shade with a gold sheen.

MAC Soft and Gentle used as a highlight colour. I patted this on the cheekbones, the skin just over MAC Dainty. Not on the blush but the area just above the blush.

I really like the colour of the eyeshadow.

And the Instagram picture.


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