Turquoise eyeliner (or a quick guide on how to wear pops of colour on the eye)


First posted on April 17 on my LJ.

Coloured eyeliner is possibly the easiest way to add a pop of colour to everyday makeup, especially if you’re new to makeup and are still a little hesitant on trying complicated eyeshadows (applying eyeshadow is not complicated though, see http://natziwang.livejournal.com/tag/how%20to%20wear%20eyeshadow for how to put on basic eyeshadow).

Or if you’ve woken up late and are rushing to do makeup and want to do something simple but fun, coloured eyeliner is perfect.

I have previously raved about purple eyeliner http://natziwang.livejournal.com/3592.html and how it is incredibly flattering for people with brown eyes. Turquoise eyeliner is the same. Bright turquoise like the one I use below are brilliant for brightening up the face and just generally making you look less tired.

For today, I used two liquid eyeliners, one black, and one turquoise. I lined my upper lashline with black liner, and did a thin turquoise line on top of the black line. Applied a translucent face powder and gold lipgloss and that was all I did for today.

The turquoise liquid liner I used was from MAC, but it’s been discontinued. It’s MAC Liquidlast Liner in Aqualine. It’s a beautiful metallic turquoise (I think of mermaid scales when I see the colour) that lasts a very long time on the lids. Problem is that it tends to get on my lashes when I apply it, and it’s really tough to remove (on the bright side, this also means that . Also it takes a long time to dry, so I have to be careful not to open my eye for about a minute after applying to avoid smudging.

The gold lipgloss I’m wearing is Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss in Canary. I love this product. It smells of mint (unlike MAC’s lip products which all smell of vanilla). It’s thin, it doesn’t feel sticky or tacky on the lips (unlike MAC’s lipglasses) and is full of lovely gold shimmer. The effect is subtle, but very, very pretty. I like layering this over other lipsticks too, it looks especially good on top of a bold red lip, especially for Christmas.

You can see a small speck of the eyeliner on my eyelash here.
The colour is amazing.
No filters for today. It stormed early in the morning, and the light was all lovely and cloudy when I woke up.I had so much fun camwhoring this time because the light was really pretty, and flatters the skin. (I have realised my skin is white, like just white without any kind of undertones. Fluorescent light just turns me yellow.)
This was taken from the back camera of my iPhone rather than the camera at the front, with the screen. I like the angling.Also, you can see the gold shimmer from the lipgloss (Bobbi Brown Canary) in this photo. Like I said, it’s a really subtle effect, but it looks really different from my bare lips.IMG_1472
Closeup of the eye makeup.IMG_1477
Hard to tell that I’d only slept three hours, hee. The colour just makes me feel happy.

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