Grey and purple eyes (and tips for stage makeup)


Okay the format for this post is going to be extremely screwy. Apologies for that, I don’t know how to get it to work.

Today was my practical examination for Theatre Studies 1101. I applied makeup on the entire cast (yes the guys as well) because I haven’t done it in a while and I missed that. My group members were wonderful and cooperated. =) I’m not putting up pictures of their makeup though because I don’t think they’ll like it. (Also I forgot to take the completed photos. =/)

For the practical, I played this young Singaporean woman who works as a copy-editor in her early twenties. She’s dating the director for the company, an American about twenty years older than her. I wanted to play up her femininity, especially since  the only other woman in the play, who is older, and a down-to-earth kind of a person. (I applied neutral brown makeup for that character.) So I decided to bring in colour for myself. (Yay.) The character’s young, but I didn’t see her as a fresh-faced virginial type (her ex-boyfriend accuses her of screwing the director, so I assume she isn’t a virgin anyway) and I played her a little angstier most people would. So a smoky eye it was!

I went with grey and purple eyes (Urban Decay South, which is a shimmery grey taupe, and Urban Decay Tornado, which is a rich purple. Both shades are from the Urban Decay Glinda palette.) South was applied all over the lid, and Tornado was used as a crease colour and smudged into the lash line  I used MAC Dark Diversion, a purple gel eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes. I then applied lots and lots of mascara to the eye.

On the cheeks, I applied a coral blush, MAC Born To Love, and patted MAC Soft and Gentle as highlighter on top of it. Then I used a bronze blush from my Coastal Scents palette in the hollows of the cheeks.

On the lips, I applied a lip stain, Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry for a soft rosy colour. I then applied a bright coral pink gloss over it, MAC Lipglass Viva Glam Cyndi (limited edition).


Photo here is of makeup freshly applied, photo under fluorescent lighting. As you can see, the colours don’t really show up very well and the picture looks pretty orangey.

When doing stage makeup, I tend to go all out with the prepping to make sure the makeup lasts. The face and eyes have all got to be primed and set with powder. Liquid foundation is buffed into the skin (no water spritzing on the foundation brush to sheer it out).

Here I have on a layer of liquid foundation (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation in #2 Sand), with translucent powder brushed on.  If the skin looks bad (as it did when I was stressed out in Junior College) I would pat on another layer of tinted powder before putting on translucent powder.

The basics to stage makeup are fairly simple; contour and highlight. Stage lights make the face look washed out and two-dimensional, so the idea is to add colour and shadows to it. Round faces like mine usually need a lot of contouring for the hollows of the cheeks, and highlighting on the apple of the cheeks to appear three-dimensional. For faces without much of a nose bridge, I usually contour the socket of the eye to give the illusion of depth. (This can be skipped with a smaller stage though.)

No filters for the photos in my room. They were taken in my room in natural light after the exam. These shots are taken about three hours after applying the makeup. The makeup (especially blush) had faded some, but the eyeshadows are still there.

IMG_1620 IMG_1624

The lipgloss had faded by this point, leaving only the stain behind.

Actually all the fading made it more wearable for a day-look. I love how the lips look here. Stains are wonderful for a soft smudgy kind of colour on the lip.

IMG_1625 IMG_1626


This photo is here so you can see the blush. Most of it had faded at this point, because I’d sweated it off in from doing warm ups. (Also, MAC Mineralize Blushes are not known for their staying power.) But you can still see the bronzer I had added (from my Coastal Scents palette) and the highlighter.

I love how you can still see the shimmer from the highlighter (MAC Soft and Gentle).

So yep, that’s the makeup for today!

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