Product Rave: Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact


Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact, in Teint Beige.
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This, as a I stated in a previous post, is my most expensive makeup item to date. (About S$75 for those who are curious.) And I canot say that I regret this purchase.

 IMG_1855Guerlain Teint Beige

As you can see, I’ve used it so much that the flower pattern has been pretty much ruined.

IMG_1911 IMG_1912

This powder is amazing. It keeps my skin oil-free and matte for hours (far longer than the MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Finishing Powder, which I usually use as a setting powder). The powder is so, so soft and feels wonderful on the skin. It also has the loveliest smell.

Not just that, but it gives my skin the loveliest glowing sheen. describes it as ‘Photoshop in real life’, which is exactly what it is. I have no idea what sorcery it uses, but it seems to soften the appearance of the skin, and gives it a very natural radiance. It’s not an effect that can be captured on camera (which is why I’m not bothering talking about that) but it’s a very subtle appreciable difference in real life. This, from what I’ve seen on reviews, is the effect that Guerlain seems to have perfected, and can’t be found in any other brand.

I’ve used this beauty as both a foundation and setting powder. It’s very very sheer, and just barely evens out the skin tone, so I only use it as the former when my skin is behaving and looks decent enough for such sheer coverage. When I use it as a foundation, I’ll use the powder puff that comes with it. Otherwise, I’ll use a brush to dust it over the face as a setting powder.

The packaging is a little disappointing. The compact is light and made out of plastic, and doesn’t have the heft you’d expect expensive products to have. On the bright side you don’t see any fingerprint marks on the casing. Also, I’ve used it for the last six months, and have yet to get any kind of significant problems with the casing (ie. It’s still intact despite the banging about it would receive in my bag and makeup box.)

I own this in Teint Beige, which is (duh) a beige powder. This also comes in Teint Rose which is a very very pale pink (but seems to go on virtually colorless according to and Teint Dore, a which is darker and browner than Teint Beige.

While this is pricey, I view it as the much cheaper and multi-functional alternative to Guerlain’s ‘Wulong’ or ‘Voyage’.


Guerlain Mythic Meteorites Voyage Powder.
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Guerlain Meteorites Wulong powder.
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The prices of both compacts are about S$250ish. I can’t quite remember, I just stood gaping at the counter for a bit afte the saleslady told me the price for Wulong.

Wulong is supposed to be a limited edition palette, which is released during the Christmas holiday period each year. Mythic, on the other hand, is available throughout the year. Both are the same price (and are hell lot more expensive than the pressed powder I buy). Temptalia has blogged about the difference between the two

So yep, just something that can be put on your wish list, or if some rich relative has a coupon to the makeup department and asks if you want anything. As much as I’d love to own Wulong, I’m going to stick with my Teint Beige for the time being.

Cost: S$75ish from any Guerlain counter (found in Sephora and TANGS)
Does it work: Illuminates and mattifies? Yes and yes, my skin never looks better with this applied.
Would I recommend it: This is most definitely a luxury item because of the price. And precisely because of the high price, it has to be something you use regularly, and not let it just be a product that you pull out and sweep the dust off when there’s a special occasion. As much as I love it, I’ll only recommend it if 1) You don’t mind paying that much for a powder and 2) You’ll use it frequently

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4 Responses to Product Rave: Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact

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  3. DOREEN WALKER says:

    I’ve had my bronzing powder for about 18 months and it is great but as I’m getting to the end of it, it has developed, over time, a smooth sheen due, I suppose, to my skin elements and find it harder to brush on. Have you any tips for this problem as I do not want to dispose of it just yet.

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