Fixing broken eye shadows

I have to thank for this one. Earlier this year, my MAC Smutty Green broke, for some reason. The entire half of the dome shaped is just sliced clean off, as you can see in the picture. Since then, it has been shedding glitter all over in my makeup box, even though I’ve kept it shut all this while.

MAC Smutty Green

The patient

1) Place the eye shadow over a couple of sheets of kitchen towel, or a placemat.
2) Add rubbing alcohol into the powder until it looks like some powdery mush.
3) Take a butter knife and start pressing the powder done, compacting the mixture together. Some powder will spill out, a lot of mine did. I wasn’t too bothered because I know I’ll never finish this eye shadow. You might want to be more careful if you don’t want too much fall out though.
4) Leave it to dry.
5) After about an hour or so, press it down some more to make sure there are no air bubbles or anything trapped in between the powder layers (which will probably just result in your eye shadow breaking all over again). You can add alcohol again if unsatisfied with the way it’s been pressed.
6) Leave to dry again, and it’s done. IMG_2041

Image of the eyeshadow after it’s dried up.

I like how it’s all level and compacted now actually, much better than the dome shape most baked eyeshadows get. So yep, method for saving your eyeshadows!

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7 Responses to Fixing broken eye shadows

  1. meow says:

    Lol it looks like it turned from green to silver. Must be the lighting. Wish I knew this before I threw one of my favourite palettes away because all the colours were mixing together because it was broken and falling out everywhere.

    • natziwang says:

      I hope the palette wasn’t an expensive one. And yeah, it’s the lighting, it’s still fairly green. I think of this as my Slytherine eyeshadow.

      • meow says:

        It was some Japanese brand, and limited edition, so I couldn’t find it again. But yay for incredibly cheap Costa Rica palettes. And LOL, you should get like all colours of the houses.

  2. It’s a pleasure 🙂 Looking good.

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  4. Thank the heavens for this tutorial. My mac eyeshadow is falling apart! D:

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