Product Rave: MAC Warm Soul

MAC Warm Soul

MAC Warm Soul. It’s described as ‘Mid toned beige with gold pearl’ on the MAC website. It’s not quite a beige, there are hints of bronze in the colour as well. This is my go-to blush whenver I’m not too sure what colour blush to use.

Yes, it doesn’t look so appealing in the pot, as most dark blushes do. The colour does look muddy. But see the swatches below.


Swatched onto my finger. See the lovely gold sheen?


Swatched onto my arm. The one on the left is a heavier colour, while the one on the right is sheered out.

It’s a wonderfully versatile product, and I’ve used it on a variety of skintones during theatre productions, and during RAG last year. For lighter skin tones, it can be used either as a very light flush on the apples of the cheeks, or as a bronzer. Darker skin tones can use this as a highlighter, which will give a luminous quality to the skin.

Some of the looks where I’ve used MAC Warm Soul in.





This is a heavier application of Warm Soul.

The blush is S$39 in stores, which is a pricey for most people. (I’m pretty sure they’ve jacked up the in the last few years, I remember purchasing MAC Dainty for S$35.)

Cost: S$39
Does it work:
It gives a lovely flush of colour to the face, and is an extremely versatile product. It looks good on a range of skin tones. Fairer skin tones can use it as a blush or contour colour (depending on how much powder they pat on) and darker skin tones can use it as a very pretty highlight.
Would I recommend it: 
 Yes. It’s expensive, but it’s the kind of blush you’ll use frequently (if you do use blushes). I didn’t use much blush until recently, and this is still the one I always turn to.

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  1. I love the color of the blush!!! 🙂

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