The sun (easy makeup for the beach and pretty clothes)

I was out in Sentosa today (yesterday)!

For the non-Singaporeans, it’s a smaller island off Singapore, with pretty beaches, and a lot of tourist attractions, like Universal Studios Singapore, a water theme park, lots of eating places, museums, and aquarium and so on.

Walked from the mainland to Sentosa with the boyfriend, about 500m. It’s really lovely, as you’re passing a harbor, and the water always looks pretty (It’s all dyed blue for the tourists).  We were headed to Adventure Cove, the water park.


You can kinda tell from the lighting just how bright it was. I’m squinting into the sun in this picture.

I wore this yellow chiffon top and skort ensemble (Vel Yellow Sunshine two piece set in the morning, with white strappy sandles. I didn’t have time to take a picture of makeup in the morning, but all I’m wearing is the Maybelline BB Watergel (review on it will be out soon!) and MAC Baby Blooms Lipglass on my lips. It’s a sheer pink with gold sheen, which is perfect for hot sunny days. It evens out my lip colour and makes my lips look really glossy. MAC Baby Blooms is a limited edition lipglass, but MAC Nymphette should be a close enough dupe!


Post-shower face. Makeup here just consists of BB cream to even out the skin tone, and Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry on the lips.

Lip stains are always a great way to get a hint of colour. Lipsticks usually look too heavy for the beach.


Top is the Oasis Lace Top
Shorts were formerly an old pair of jeans that I cut up.
Jacket from Editor’s Market. It’s blue corduroy with gold buttons.

I am starting to appreciate what a jacket can do for an outfit. You can’t really see it in the second picture, but it made the shorts and plain top wearable enough to go shopping in town in. (I usually never step out in shorts because I think it’s too casual.)

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3 Responses to The sun (easy makeup for the beach and pretty clothes)

  1. meow says:

    Wow wow look at those legs! Loving your theory of seven outfit! Never thought you would shed those jeans, but so glad you did. Btw, do you ever have a problem with kissing when you have lip products on, like lipstick or lip gloss? I find that stains are the only acceptable one, cause you know, it’s just a stain, but surely there are some beauty tips for being able to actually kiss people when you want to look like you have delicious kissable lips.

    • natziwang says:

      Hee, thank you. ❤ And… No, unfortunately I have not been able to find a way for that. Usually the boyfriend just refuses to be kissed when I have lipstick on. When I'm wearing something really long wearing though, like my MAC Kanga Rogue, I can kiss his cheek after about eating (and the lip colour will still be on my lips!) and it'll be okay.

      • meow says:

        HAHAHA that’s so amusing. Oh well, the search continues! And I’m impressed the colour can stay on even after you eat, but yeah, it’s MAC and you probably do all the necessary prepping for it to stay on.

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