In the Philippines Day 2


Day 1 makeup as seen here

Note: Most of the photos were taken in the hotel room just before heading out because I’m still too self conscious to take shots of myself in public. The lighting in the room was really crappy, hence not too good quality pictures. =/




I wore this lovely black dress, bought from I love how simple it is, yet the embellishments just below the hip make it look really unique. The shoes (again, love them) are from some random shop when I was in Malacca.



How I got the look (easy to achieve, no brushes!):

1) MAC Paint Pot Bare Study (shimmery beige cream eyeshadow) as the base
2) Urban Decay South (grey taupe powder eyeshadow) all over the lid applied with my ring finger
3) Urban Decay Rockstar (eggplant purple eyeliner) lined on the top lashes
4) Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry (berry red stain) applied on the lips
5) Maybelline BB Watergel on the face


The opening dinner ceremony was a culture night, where people wore their country’s national costume. Singapore, as far as I know, does not have one. My juniors wore Western suits and dresses. I decided I wanted to try my China girl makeup since I brought my denim cheongsam. So Shanghai dolly it was.



How I got the look:
1) MAC Paint Pot Bare Study (shimmery beige cream eyeshadow) as the base
2) Urban Decay Broken (matte beige) on the lid
3) Urban Decay Beware (matte caramel brown) on the lid, mixing the two colours so I get slightly lighter shade of brown. I wanted to create some definition on the eye, but I didn’t want any obvious colour
4) MAC Mulch (shimmery chocolate brown) on the ‘V’ of the eye to create that depth
5) Liquid eyeliner on the upper lashline of the eye – I insist only black liquid or gel is needed because you need a slick polished look. Pencil liners won’t achieve that effect
6) Mascara to the upper lashes of the eye
7) I defined my brows with a black brow pencil
8) Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Extra Light applied to my face – it has much heavier coverage than the Maybelline BB Watergel
9) MAC Warm soul applied lightly on the cheeks to get the slightest hint of colour
10) MAC Ruby Woo applied to the lips. I used a lip brush to get it clean and defined 



As you can see in this photo I didn’t apply the lipstick properly (This was hastily applied after I came back from the dinner.) Always remember to purse your lips out to check you’ve applied colour to the entire lip.


Also, the white flower was bit of a fail. Should have just left my hair down and not bothered with the bun too.

I also applied makeup for my friend, who was also rooming with us. She’s not used to wearing elaborate eye makeup, so while I wanted to add colour to the look, I kept it simple so it didn’t end up looking overwhelming.



You can’t really get the colour, but you can see the gradient.

How I got the look:
1) MAC Bare Study (shimmery beige cream eyeshadow) on the lids
2) Urban Decay Beware on the eyelid (matte caramel brown)
3) Urban Decay Oz (gold microglitter) on the inner corner of the eye, so you get this really beautiful gold sheen in the eye. (Gold glitter falls out quite a bit though, so you’d have to be careful about that)
4) MAC Mulch (chocolate brown) in the outer third of the eye
5) I defined the eyebrows with a black pencil and brushed it out
6) Finish off the look with liquid eyeliner and mascara
7) I used MAC Warm Soul on the cheeks
8) MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipglass (bright coral pink) on her lips. (Forgot to take a photo of it)


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