In the Philippines Day 3

Silver eyed makeup.




How I got the look:
1) MAC Bare Study (shimmery beige cream eyeshadow) all over the lids as a base
2) Urban Decay Oz (silver microglitter) all over the lid
3) Urban Decay South (grey taupe) at the crease of the eye
4) MAC Feline (black kohl pencil) on the upper lash line and the outer two thirds of the lower lash line. I wanted something softer than a liquid eyeliner
5) Maybelline BB Watergel all over the face (I really love this BB Watergel)
6) MAC Warm Soul on the cheeks
7) Bobbi Brown Nude Rose (very pretty rosy pink with brown undertones) on the lips



Lovely dress from, and the belt is a random purchase from Far East.



I also helped my roommate out with her makeup. She had worn The Balm’s Matt MacDonald (matte deep grey eyeshadow) along her lid, and looked like a really harsh rectangle the lid. I used Urban Decay South and to blend out the edges and there was a really pretty grey gradient created.

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