In the Philippines Day 4

Grey eyes this time, which is slightly different from the silver I used on Day 3. Slightly.




How I got the look:
1) MAC Bare Study (shimmery beige cream eyeshadow) all over the lids as a base
2) Urban Decay South (grey shimmery taupe) all over the lid
3) Urban Decay Tornado (deep purple) in the crease (this ended up looking like a purple grey shadow after it had been blended into South though)
4) Urban Decay Oz (silver microglitter patted all over on top of South). This lightens the colour, but it didn’t look as glittery as the silver look I had on Day 3)
5) MAC Warm Soul dusted lightly on the cheeks
6) Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in raspberry
7) Maybelline BB Watergel on the face


OOTD (with an awkward tuft of hair sticking out)

Dress from
Belt from Far East

IMG_2266  IMG_2268 IMG_2269

Also doing makeup for my roommate.

1) MAC Bare Study all over the eye as a base
2) Oz (gold microgltter) on the lid
3) Urban Decay Beware (matte caramel brown) on outer two thirds
4) MAC Mulch (chocolate brown) in the crease
5) Urban Decay Broken (matte beige) as highlight colour
6) MAC Warm Soul on cheeks
7) MAC Twig on the lips

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2 Responses to In the Philippines Day 4

  1. Amria says:

    wooohoo, green ends to your hair? 😀

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