Product Rave: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel


Note: I apologise for the lack of photos in this post. My iPhone can’t really capture the difference in my skin quality with and without the product.

I bought this from Watsons for S$19.90 two weeks back. I’ve been wearing this for the last week or so while I’ve been in the Philippines, which is just about as hot as Singapore. How long a product can withstand the heat and humidity is always an important way to gauge the product. I’ve worn the BB Watergel almost every day, and I can safely say that this product is great. Not amazing, but great.

I bought this in Natural Beige, which is the lighter shade. The awful thing about this product (and most BB creams actually) is that it has a limited range of shades; only two for this product.  It doesn’t provide a huge amount of coverage, and it does wear off by the end of the day. I am not the type to bother touching up my makeup, even lip products, so the longevity of the product is always a huge factor in whether or not I buy something. This starts to fade after about eight hours, especially around the nose area.

The product is like a gel, rather than a cream, as the label states. It’s a lot lighter, and has a lot of slip as you rub it between your fingers. I apply this with my fingers, the same way I do it with my daily moisturizer, and then I set it with a translucent finishing powder at the end of my makeup routine.

The advertisements make a lot of hype about how this is the only BB cream that releases water bubbles as you wear it. proves that yes, there are water bubbles. I don’t see it as a big deal though. Just spraying water on the skin doesn’t mean that that water is absorbed and is converted to extra moisture for the skin. I’m not entirely sure about the science behind it, but I see it as how people are advised not to lick their lips as it’d make it drier. The temporary moisture eventually evaporates, leaving the surface drier than before. I’d much rather use a proper face cream that will be absorbed into the skin.

Most Western BB creams, I’ve read time and time again, don’t hold a candle to Asian ones. I have yet to try an Asian BB cream, but from what I’ve read, the whitening component is a big selling point to the product. Well, with my skin as white as it is, I would steer far away from any whitening product, which is why I stick to the Western ones (the only other BB cream I own is from Bobbi Brown, and is like a tinted sunscreen with heavier coverage). So if you’re looking for something to whiten the skin, this product isn’t for you.

My skin’s broken out a little over the last week, but that could actually be attributed to the little sleep and poor nutrition I’ve been getting. Otherwise, it’s so lightweight I barely notice it on my skin as I go about the day.

Cost: S$19.90
Does it work: It provides light coverage, and doesn’t break out the skin. Unlike Asian BB creams, it doesn’t have whitening properties (but that’s a plus point for me). It’s lightweight, and I can barely feel it on my skin as I go about. It lasts for about eight hours under the heat.
Would I recommend it: If your skin doesn’t have too many blemishes, I’d highly recommend it, as it’s lightweight and comfortable on the skin, and isn’t too expensive. If not, look elsewhere for something with heavier coverage.

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12 Responses to Product Rave: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel

  1. callmejagi says:

    Might just have to check it out. Great post dear! ^.^

  2. So happy I came across this! I haven’t seen this near me yet! I just did a review on their mineral powder last week. Check it out!

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