Featured blogger: Patricia from Beauty Informer

Patricia was kind enough to feature my blog on her site (http://beautyinformer.wordpress.com/2013/05/28/blogger-in-focus-natalie-from-natzisstash/) so here’s my feature for her!


About me

My name is Patricia and I love to write. Among my many interests, the ones that consistently keep my passion to write alive are beauty, style, food and people. And following my heart, I created Beauty Informer.

I love the art of makeup and learnt most of my techniques from the best YouTube gurus – makeupgeek, pixiwoo, missjessicaharlow, kandeejohnson and gossmakeupartist. I spent hours listening to and practicing techniques shared by them. I now am quite close to being as good as a professionally trained MUA. The ones who reap the benefit of my makeup skills, apart from me, are my friends, family and colleagues.

What I blog about and why you should visit me

When my curiosity and thirst to learn more about beauty and style kicked in, I realized there is so much information available on the internet, for free. As I started to do my research, I realized that there was some really interesting information that many people pay to know about. As I started to share my knowledge and references with people I know, I realized that many like-minded people would be happy to have the information I found. So I created my blog as a forum to share:

  • Beauty product reviews
  • Beauty news
  • DIY skincare and makeup tips
  • Events and happenings that beauty addicts would be interested in (work in progress)

I also plan on doing my research and answering beauty queries that my readers need information around. So, feel free to write to me at beautyinformer@gmail.com to get answers to any of your beauty questions.

Please feel free to visit my blog – beautyinformer.wordpress.com

If you like my writing, please show me some love and hit subscribe or follow on my blog.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 9.22.21 PM

Click http://beautyinformer.wordpress.com/ for Patricia’s site!

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3 Responses to Featured blogger: Patricia from Beauty Informer

  1. Thank you for being so kind Natalie xx

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