Metallic cat eye

I was at the hair salon yesterday (as is obvious from my photo, lol). I was flipping through the March issue of Elle magazine and there was a page on metallic eyeshadows, so I tried out out.


Yes I have bangs now! (The smallest trace of my blue hair still remains at the longest tips of my hair too)


Eyes open. 


Closeup of eyeshadow


My Coastal Scents palette, the circled shadow is the one I used as the main eyeshadow colour.

How I got the look:
1) MAC Rubensque (pink with gold shimmer) as a base, applied over the entire eye
2) Metallic copper from my Coastal Scents palette – this has very strong red tones
3) Urban Decay West (dark red brown with a satin finish) on the V of the eye, and extended out. I applied this with my eyes open so I eventually got the blocky rectangular shape you see in the photo. Then I used an angled brush to line the under eye with the same shadow
4) MAC Smolder (black kohl) applied to the upper lashline
5) Bobbi Brown BB cream
6) MAC Warm Soul on the apples of the cheeks
7) MAC Soft & Gentle applied to highlight the tops of the cheekbones
8) Bobbi Brown Nude Rose (rosy pink with brown undertones) on the lips

The trick to using strong metallic colours is to use more muted finishes for the rest of the face. For instance, West is a satin finish, rather than a frosted or metallic one, which contours the eye better, rather than just add more colour. I also used a muted lip colour which does not have a finish that’s too glossy or metallic so the eyeshadow doesn’t become too overwhelming.

The usual Instagram photos

IMG_2388 IMG_2390


And this was the dress that I wore aong with the makeup, which I saw as kind of Egyptian, which fits the makeup and the hair.

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8 Responses to Metallic cat eye

  1. Amria says:

    now I see the cut, looks great! And that dress makes you look like a fairy princess 😀

  2. LOVE everything about this look! The dress is gorgeous and those shadows are great!

    • natziwang says:

      Thank you! You should try to find the shimmer palette from Coastal Scents, it’s amazingly cheap. There are a few duds but nothing that can’t be made to work with a primer.

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