Product Rave: MAC Ripe for Love

MAC Ripe for Love is a limited edition powder blush from the Temperature Rising collection. The collection was launched just last Friday, 31 May in Singapore, but I know it was launched earlier in most countries.

The packaging for the product is slightly different from the usual blush packaging. It’s in a bronze coloured rubberised compact, rather than the black plastic MAC products are usually sold in.

This is the coral blush I have been looking for. It’s an orange based coral, not too pink, not too peach, but not too orange either so it doesn’t look like someone smeared an orange highlighter (the stationary highlighter not the makeup product) with warmer tones, but it doesn’t show up as orange on my cool skin tone.

The problem with this is that I haven’t been able to get a good photo of it showing up on my cheek. =( But I’ll swatch it to give a decent idea on how it looks. I thought at first it might end up too orangey on my light skin tone, but it looks wonderful.



For the first time, the morning light failed me. It’s been raining and the light has a cooler quality to it, so this swatch isn’t an accurate reflection of the colour.


Under orange light you get a much better idea of what the colour really looks like.

Cost: S$39
Does it work: 
It gives a beautiful healthy flush on the cheeks, different from the usual pink blush most people would reach out for. It’s a beautiful summer blush, and since it’s summer all year long in Singapore, you could use it all the time. 
Would I recommend it: 
 Yes yes yes. It’s beautiful, and I can see this working on a variety of skin tones. This colour will sell out FAST so I suggest you go buy it now. It’s already sold out on the US website, but this was released there about a month ago.

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8 Responses to Product Rave: MAC Ripe for Love

  1. Amria says:

    colours like these are probably my favourites for blush

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