Day 3 Makeup + OOTD at Yale


My skin’s breaking out slightly, so I chose not to apply any BB cream for today. The only thing on my skin is moisturiser. I have a little eyeliner on (Milani Liquid Eye in Graphite) on the eye. I’ve applied Jordona Lip Pencil in Tawny (nude with pink beige undertones) on the lips, and patted a little of MAC Baby Blooms (sheer pink with gold shimmer) on the middle of the lip.



IMG_2718 IMG_2719


Outfit of the day!

Ā IMG_2726


Top from some random place in the Philippines (the scarf is a part of it, sewn in the back)
Jeans from Levis
Shoes from Charles and Keith
Earrings were a present from my boyfriend when he was in Mexico

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10 Responses to Day 3 Makeup + OOTD at Yale

  1. Amria says:

    How about some campus pictures ? šŸ˜€ come ooon, do tell more about what you’re up to, I’m sure I’m not the only one interested.

  2. nhieubeauty says:

    Sexy lips šŸ˜‰

  3. lov3less says:

    Love the lip color

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