Shades of red


Photograph I took of Maybelline’s range of red lipsticks when I was at Rite Aid.

So within this post, I’m going to be talking about the variety of red colours there are out there. I might bring in eyeshadows and blushes, but since there aren’t very many, the focus will, of course, be on red lipsticks. I will not mention berry and wine coloured lipsticks (which are like red lipsticks with a bit of purple in them), because I’ve already covered that in my post here.

So reds, generally, have two spectrums; cooler (what we call ‘blue-based’ reds) and warmer (what we call ‘orange-based’ reds). In my post, I’m going to talk about blue reds, orange reds, pink reds, coral reds, brown based reds and neutral reds. You will see me talking about both dark and light reds.

I do not have any rules or guidelines to offer on whether dark red lipstick suits thinner lips or thicker lips better, or anything like that, so you won’t see me dispensing that kind of advice in here. I believe that anyone can wear anything as long as they look confident doing so. You can see my rant about this here.

The general rule though, is that blue based lipsticks are more universally flattering that orange based ones. The latter tend to make your teeth look more yellow (orange lipsticks face the same problem) so cool reds tend to be more popular.

Note also that what may be a true red on some people may turn out warm or cool on others, depending on your natural lip colour.

Blue reds are those that are on the cooler end of the spectrum. They’re not bluish, but they’ve got more blue in their composition than say, orange.


Blue red lipstick, but the eyeshadow are a coppery red Image from


Image from


Dark, dark blue red. Image from

Orange reds are on the opposite end of the spectrum as blue reds. They obviously, have an orangey tone within them, and are a warmer alternative to blue reds. They look beautiful with tanned skin.


Ombre orange and orange lips. Image from


Image from

NARS Exhibit A blush is an intense orange red. Image from


Maybelline Colorsensational Vivid Lip Color in Orange Edge. Image from

Pink reds are reds that can be either warm or cool. They’re basically very very deep pinks within enough red in them (since pink is made out of both red and white) that straddle the line between pink and red.


Image from


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Luxembourg. Image from


MAC Love Goddess. Image from


MAC Cranberry. Image from

Coral reds are reds with have more yellow rather than orange tones in them. Read up more on corals in my previous post on them here


Image from


Image from

Brown based reds are warmer reds with hints of brown in them. They’re a subtler kind of red to wear.



MAC Mattene in Camden Chic Image from


MAC Restless Lipglass. Image from

Neutral reds are reds that are neither within the cool or warm spectrum. There aren’t very many within the market.


Image from


Image from


Chanel Dialogue Rogue Coco Shine. Image from

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  1. Fabulously informative post with BEAUTIFUL images! GREAT work!

  2. We stand for a certain World says:

    So informative! you do so much research, that’s just awesome,for me as a reader.

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