Another makeup haul – Walmart + Painted Earth

I went by the post office today, and happy day. There was one package waiting for me (containing my Revlon Raspberry lipgloss) and when I went by again in the evening, there were three of them.

So the last of my Walmart packages came in. (Actually, my orders for the 24 Hour Tattoo products are delayed, and I suspect I’m going to be refunded for them. Oh well.)  So did the products I ordered from Painted Earth.


The ravaged packages in my suite’s common room.


What I got from Walmart – various Maybelline lipsticks, one from Revlon, and a silver and a purple eye pencil from L’oreal. I cannot wait to try them – the lipsticks are the Color Vivids (I ordered virtually the entire range) which are unavailable in Singapore.

Okay, but what’s even more exciting than the pretty lipsticks (I cannot believe I’m saying that) is the stuff I got from Painted Earth.

First, I want to thank Stephanie from Elegantrebelbeauty for introducing me to the amazing brand. In case you haven’t heard of Painted Earth (and probably not it’s based in the US, ships only to the US and Canada and I won’t be able to get ahold of their items once I go back to Singapore =( ), it’s a vegan brand (they don’t test on animals) that uses organic, natural and non-toxic products in their line. That means no strange chemical preservatives and the like inside of their products.

Secondly, Joanne, the CEO for the company, is a saint. I mentioned in my comments that I was a beauty blogger, and she immediately went to my site and spotted a post where I was complaining about acne. She then emailed me to say that she would be putting a facial wash and moisturizer for acne/sensitive skin. So I was already expecting that. What I wasn’t expecting was a free lipgloss (that looks like a dupe for my MAC Baby Bloom, yay), a bunch of samples for their Boo-Boo gel, facial scrub and an anti-aging eye cream, AND another Kabuki brush alongside the one I ordered. (It’s the pink one.) I am currently in this state of extreme bliss, that only spending a huge amount of money on makeup can bring. (And all without even stepping out of my room.)



Painted Earth Complete Face Palette in Bronze, which comes with three eyeshadows, a blush, a contour colour, a highlighter, and an eyeliner.


The packaging, which is sleek, and has heft (it feels expensive), but isn’t too heavy.


Painted Earth Super Silky Butterfly Palette in BotanyIMG_2868

Loving the packaging. Again, it’s sleek and compact, feels expensive, but not too heavy.


Their Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige. It supposedly ‘adapts’ to your skin colouring (I asked on their Facebook page and got that answer), so even though this may look a little too light on me we’ll see how it works.


The packaging of the powder foundation


My two brand new Kabuki brushes. I ordered the short-handled black one on the right, and the pink one came in as a surprise. The pink one isn’t as large as the other, but they’re both so soft and dense, like you’d expect a Kabuki brush to be.


Trying to cram my new purchases inside my makeup box. You can see the Maybelline lipsticks taking up a lot of space inside.



The various free products I got from Painted Earth (the moisturizer and the facial wash they included are full-sized ones by the way, not samples)


My adorable little Kabuki brushes again


The free facial wash


I am loving this brand


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8 Responses to Another makeup haul – Walmart + Painted Earth

  1. I told you!!!! And thank you so much for the shout-out! It’s my privilege and pleasure to introduce as many people as possible to this unique, amazing brand. Not only are their products gorgeous and functional, but the customer service is impeccable. Joanne, like you said, is a saint! I knew you’d get some extra treats and was excited for this post to see what you scored!!!! I LOVE my bronze palette, and the neutral one is on the way!! I also ADORE my pink kabuki!!! It’s the softest brush ever, isn’t it?! And blends and buffs SO well. AND doesn’t shed, I haven’t found a single hair, ever!!
    I’m SO thrilled that you’re thrilled (and can you believe how FAST this stuff ships?!) When are you going back to Singapore?! My advice is to load up! I HIGHLY recommend the Ultimate Volume mascara, their baked blushes, and the transforming lip gloss. Let me know how the foundation turns out for you, I’m sure you’ll love it!!! xo

    • natziwang says:

      I go back at the end of the month, but I’ve already exceeded the money I set aside for makeup (and there’s still stuff from OCC and Hourglass I still want to get!) I think I’ve bought enough lipsticks for this trip. XD I did get the mascara though. =D I’m not too sure about the blush, because I think I have enough right now.

      I can’t wait to try out their products! =D

  2. *transforming lipstick.

    Really, anything from this brand is gold.

  3. Amria says:

    Omg, slow down little spender! You have gone on three shopping sprees in one week 😀 ah, the good life! Haha, I love everything you picked up, enjoy them!

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