Product Rave: MAC Blacktrack


MAC Blacktrack

MAC Blacktrack from MAC’s Fluidline series is a permanent item. It’s a black gel liner that comes in a glass pot with a hefty plastic lid.

The liner is a beautiful deep matte black. It’s creamy and pigmented, and goes on smoothly on the lid. It’s mostly opaque in one pass, but I usually layer it twice to get the opacity I want. It can be smudged with a pencil brush to get a smoky effect before drying. I suggest that you apply it one eye at a time if you want to do this so it doesn’t dry up. The gel liner can also be used as a black eyeshadow, and I’ve read reviews online where people have used it to darken their brows too.

I use an angled liner brush to apply this, so it’s easy to wing it out to get a cat eye look, or for a precise line over the lash line.

The only problem I have with the liner (and this is my fault actually) is that it disappears at the inner third of my eye (the bit that’s closest to the nose) always disappears after a few hours. Otherwise, I can wear this for up to sixteen hours with minimal smudging, and I usually get panda eyes, even with liquid liners.

Warning: Remember this is a gel eyeliner, so it will dry up (and be all flakey and unusable) if it isn’t stored properly. Make sure the lid is always screwed on tightly (I screw it back on while I apply the liner, and then open it up again to take some more), and store it upside down, with the lid on the surface. I find it also helps to store it in a cool dry place with a consistent environment.I usually place it in my makeup box, and that’s placed on the floor, away from direct sunlight.


As you can see, I’ve used it quite a bit even though I bought it only a while back.

Looks I’ve used Blacktrack in



This was applied with a thicker line in the outer third of the upper lash line, and just a little in the outer third of the lower lash line.


See how dark and creamy it looks on the lid?


Does it work: 
It’s a beautiful matte black that glides on the lid, and lasts a good long time. I’ve worn it for up to sixteen hours, with minimal smudging. 
Would I recommend it: 
 Yes, most definitely if you’re looking for a black gel liner! It’s a little expensive, especially since you have cheaper alternatives like Maybelline gel liners. But since I’ve heard that the Maybelline one doesn’t work for everyone, this could be a great alternative. Caution: Also remember that like all gel liners, this will dry up if you don’t store it carefully. If you don’t like that, stick to either pencil or liquid liners.

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6 Responses to Product Rave: MAC Blacktrack

  1. Really great review! I usually use the Wet and Wild gel eyeliner or the Essence gel liner. I have heard really great things about Mac Fluid Line though 🙂

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