Product Rave: NYX Snow White



NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Snow White


Snow White is the second colour from the right – as you can see, it’s a deep red with slight purple tones.

Okay, I rarely ever do reviews so quickly because I prefer to use the product a few times to confirm my views on it. But I was so amazed by this lipstick I had to share it with everyone.

NYX is one of the cheapest, most value for money makeup brands I have come across. Their permanent Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks are ridiculously cheap (USD$4) and are incredibly pigmented. Also, there are 141 shades in the range. It’s great to get hold of these if there are certain colours you want to try, but don’t want to spend too much money on.

Snow White is described as a ‘deep blue-toned red’ with a satin finish on the site. I find that it actually has more brown undertones than blue tones. Although a slightly misleading description, it’s beautiful.

I used applied the colour directly from the tube to the centre of my lip, than used a lip brush to blend the colour towards the outer line of the lip in order to get a crisp line.

So anyway.

This product. Is. Amazing.

Snow White is extremely pigmented. I only had perhaps two very very thin layers on in the morning, and the colour remained on my lips, even after a breakfast, lunch, and drinking a lot of water in between.


Closeup of how Snow White looks on my lip. This is a truer colour than the photos below, which looks more wine coloured.

IMG_2838 IMG_2841

The picture on my left was taken with the back camera of my iPhone 4S, and the picture on the right is taken with the front camera. The back camera is of higher quality, but I do like the whitening out effect of the front camera, it’s like photoshop. It doesn’t always capture the colour of the product accurately though.


How NYX Snow White looked like when I applied it this morning. ( for more info on my look.)


After seven hours and two meals, there’s still a lingering stain on my mouth. This is why I chose to write a review on it so quickly, the only other lipsticks that have been able to achieve this kind of longevity on me were MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Kanga Rogue.

USD$4 (I think this costs S$8)
Does it work:
Intense colour that goes on smoothly and lasts for hours? Yeah, I think it does. 
Would I recommend it: 
At this price point and quality? Hell yes.

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10 Responses to Product Rave: NYX Snow White

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  2. Such a gorgeous color! It looks great on you. xoxo

  3. Amria says:

    Now that you mention it, you kind of remind me of snow white and I will be having your image in my mind every time I hear about it again 😀

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