A Surprise from Painted Earth

Hi guys, I’m not sure if you remember my review on a Painted Earth product, the Super Silky Butterfly Palette in Botany, where I gave a pretty bad review for the palette?



The shades on the top are supposed to be the dark green and the khaki green from the palette.

Well, Joanne, the CEO from the company, read my review and immediately refunded me for the palette. And today, I got a surprise.


I had a package from Painted Earth waiting for me, with three different shades of green eyeshadows I did not order. Sent free of charge, courtesy from Joanne. I called her a saint before, and this confirms it (for the second time).

There were two products in the package. One is a loose eyeshadow, classified as a ‘Shimmer powder’ at the base. The colour isn’t labelled. I’ve been searching through the the Painted Earth website for the product, I think it’s Avocado, from the Loose Mineral Eye Shimmer line. This is a shimmery forest green, not quite a satin finish, but it isn’t quite frosty either. It’s somewhere in between. Edit: Turns out the product is Taylor, from the Glitter Powder line.

Then there is Golden Nature Mineral Shimmer duo, which has different shades of green. One is a grey green (I think of it as a stormy sea colour) and the other is a dirty green gold. These two aren’t very pigmented at the first pass, but are easily layered. The texture of the eyeshadow is a little dry, but I don’t expect there’ll be much fallout.


That green. Do you see that shade of green on the top? That’s magical. I think I’m in love.

Looking forward to getting back home so I can try these new eyeshadows with the ones I have back home.

tl;dr: Painted Earth is an awesome brand with even better customer service. Please check them out. They use natural ingredients in their products, and are cruelty free too, which makes them more awesome. 

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11 Responses to A Surprise from Painted Earth

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  2. kourtmariexo says:

    Awe I’m glad that the costumer service they have is so awesome ! I’ll definitely have a look on their website for some products to try out. Thank you for the review! Xo

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  4. Amria says:

    So nice of them, really! 😀

  5. estycare says:

    LOVE great customer service!!

  6. nhieubeauty says:

    Wow. That is cool. Actions from companies like that just shows that hey care. Might start to look up their products soon.

  7. Carina says:

    Ha! That’s so awesome! 🙂 PLUS, the greens they sent you are TO DIE FOR~ So pretty! ❤

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