Product Rave: Painted Earth Luminous Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation


I’ve been meaning to blog about this product for a while now, but I figured I better wear it for a bit to check out for breakouts and stuff.


I bought this in Light Sand.


List of ingredients printed on a sticker and pasted on the bottom of the compact. I intend to remove with this alcohol as it’s gotten a little sticky. You can check out the ingredients on the website here.

Before I bought this, I asked on Painted Earth’s Facebook page about which shade would best suit me (they hadn’t put up the photos of the different shades on their site then), and they stated this: ‘The colors of the Coconut Foundation work for many skintones, after you apply the foundation you let it “rest” on your face (while your putting on your other makeup) and it will adapt to your coloring.’

6 August 2013 Edit: I have tried using this product on a variety of different people’s faces, with really really different skin tones. I’m a MAC NC20, to NC25, NC30, and even NC45. AND IT BLENDED INTO THEIR SKIN (what sorcery is this). While I wouldn’t use it as an all over foundation for the NC45, it works perfectly fine dusted lightly over and used as a finishing powder.

Their website states that ‘Painted Earth’s pressed Coconut Oil mineral powder is called a “foundation that is good for your face” it provides a UVA and UVB sun protection, while helping skin look better. This superstar Foundation is a runaway favorites with our customers. It is very water resistant and highly pigmented.  Easy application, thus providing a long lasting and stunning coverage. Coconut Oil helps moisturize without clogging pores. It is formulated to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines while creating a natural “no make-up”  look for your face, and you can customize the look you desire with just a swipe of your brush. Allow foundation to “rest” once applied for a flawless finish.’ It’s also supposed to be ‘Great for sensitive skin’.

This comes in a round plastic compact. It’s not exactly heavy nor does it have a lot of heft, but it’s of a comfortable enough weight so it doesn’t feel cheap. The black design on the top isn’t a sticker, nor is it embossed on it. It’s painted, I think. The ingredients list is printed on a sticker at the back (which I am removing soon as it’s gotten sticky).

At USD39.50 (about SGD50), this is an expensive product, so you do want to know that you’re buying something good with that money. This compact comes with 10g worth of powder. To give you some perspective, MAC Select Sheer Loose powder contains 0.2oz (approximately 0.56g) worth of product, and costs SGS35. Because it’s a loose powder, you inevitably lose some product every time you open up the damn lid. (This still happens even after I tape up most of the holes in the container). You pay more, yeah, but you get a little more product with Painted Earth’s foundation. Also, since it’s a pressed powder, you don’t lose product each time you open the container.

I’ve worn this for the last two weeks now, either on its own, or as a setting or finishing powder. The product gives very light coverage. If you’re hoping to look for something to hide your acne or your eye bags, this isn’t it. What it does do is give a wonderful dewy finish. It covers minor acne and evens out my skin. It also mattifies the skin so I don’t have to worry about it looking oily.

Edit: I’ve been buffing this into my skin with a Kabuki brush. It gives a medium coverage once buffed in.

My skin’s been fairly clear over the last few weeks, and I haven’t needed very much coverage, so I’ve mostly been using it as a foundation on its own. I apply it with a Kabuki brush, but any fluffy face brush will work. It lasts between six to eight hours (depending on the weather and how much I sweat off).

There’s no point in me trying to take a photo of a swatch of this on my skin. I was a little worried as it seemed a shade too light at first, but then when I looked again, it did seem to ‘settle’ into my skin. The only difference I could find was that it left a natural glowy sheen that my iPhone camera can’t really capture.

Edit 6 August 2013: I’ve been using this product consistently for the last couple of months. Not only has my skin not broken out once, but it looks even clearer than before (what sorcery is this). I haven’t changed anything about my skincare routine, nor am I consistently using any new products apart from this. Also, I’ve come back to Southeast Asia, have been traveling around (and plane rides are hell for your skin), being forced to eat spicy foods (again bad for your skin), waking up early and sleeping late, so by all logic, my skin should be worse off than it was in the US. It isn’t, it’s better. I would be completely confident about going barefaced now. 

Cost: USD 39.50 (About SGD50)
Does it work: It’s sheer, so don’t expect medium or heavy coverage. It does give a beautiful natural finish with a slightly dewy sheen, and it leaves my skin matte. I would use this either as a foundation on its own, or as a setting powder.
Would I recommend it: Yes, if you’re looking for a good pressed powder, and don’t mind the splurge.

Note: Painted Earth Cosmetics is only available in New York and Canada for now, but I think they’re working on bringing the brand to other places.

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  1. Amria says:

    What nice packaging 😀

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