Product Rave: Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry

I can’t believe I haven’t done a review of this product yet.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue for Lips and Cheeks Raspberry

I’ve been neglecting it lately with all my shiny new Maybelline lipsticks, but oh wow.

The Pot Rogue formula (SGD42) is described as a ‘cream-based formula…  great on both lips and cheeks for a sheer, stained finish.’The Bobbi Brown site states to ‘Blend it on the apples of your cheeks for a just-pinched look. Blot it on your lips for a soft, stained finish.For drier skins, be sure to moisturize skin first.’ Raspberry is described as a ‘deep raspberry pink’, which I think is accurate enough.  

I love how it comes in a mirror compact, which makes touchups so much easier. I think the old packaging used to be just a pot with a screw on lid on top. I always have this item with me when I travel. Ever since I lost my compact mirror last year (which saddens me greatly it was adorable and was a gift from a friend) this has always been in my travel purse to touch up my makeup. Also, since it’s a dual purpose product, it’s great for debate tournaments when I never want to pack all that much makeup with me anyways.

I prefer using a powder blush to cream, so this is used as a lip stain most of the time. It does look fantastic on the cheeks though, especially if I’ve got a heavy foundation on, and want a natural flush.

Despite how dark and intimidating the colour looks in the pan, it really isn’t that dark when you apply and sheer it out. I like to use my pinkie to dab it on my lips (hence the fingerprint marks you see in the picture above), which leaves my lips looking naturally rosy.

It doesn’t feel thick or sticky on the lips at all, and it lasts a good long time. I can usually go up to four or five hours without touching it up. When applied on the cheeks, the colour also just stays there. (Do note that since this is a cream product, it has to be applied over a liquid based foundation, not a powder one.) It’s a fantastic product.

On my fair skin (NC20 with MAC) it doesn’t come off to strong. I imagine this would look great on warmer and darker complexions too. I really recommend this product because of how easy it is to apply, and how beautiful the colour is.

The one drawback is that it tends to be slightly drying. I always make sure to moisturise my lips before applying this, and because of the nature of the stain, it will emphasise cracked peeling lips. (But you should be taking care of your lips all the time anyway!)

Pot Rogue Raspberry


Raspberry is the darker red swatch, of course



Here I’ve used it as a very sheer dab of colour on my lips.



This photo was taken about three or four hours after I had put it on. You can see that the colour is still going strong.



I’d applied it on my lips, on top of a red tinted lip balm for a slightly stronger colour.


Cost: SGD42
Does it work: A raspberry pink that can be either sheered out or built up for more intense colour, on both the lips and the cheeks.
Would I recommend it: It’s expensive, so I’m a little hesitant to recommend it to everyone, despite how much I love it. However, I was just talking to a friend who had been buying a lot of cheap lip stains that just didn’t work out for her, and I think she would have saved money by just buying this to begin with. So if you’re looking out for a lip stain check this out at a Bobbi Brown counter (or any of the other awesome shades in this line), but it’s not an absolutely necessary product to me.

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8 Responses to Product Rave: Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry

  1. Amria says:

    dollish look 😀

  2. kourtmariexo says:

    I’ve never actually bought anything Bobbi Brown, but I’ve always heard amazing things about their products. I spotted a store near by that carries Bobbi Brown a few days ago so I’ll be sure to check this out ! Thanks!

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