Product Rave: Bobbi Brown BB Cream (and also an introduction to BB creams)

So Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream is a product that I’ve recommended to people quite a few times, but have never reviewed, for some reason.



Pretty obvious which product I’m talking about

The Bobbi Brown site states that the product was ‘Inspired by a skincare/makeup hybrid that’s a cult favorite in Asia, this formula combines moisturizer, treatment, Broad Spectrum SPF and a lightweight foundation in one.’ I own this in ‘Light’. It costs SGD60. 

First off, I would like to say that this is not a BB cream as Asians know it. The most striking thing about Asian BB creams isn’t that all-over radiant glow that you see in advertisements  a good foundation or tinted moisturizer should be. It’s also not the fact that it’s a multi-tasking product with SPF, vitamins, etc. in it’s formula; lots of Western brands (though to be fair the Indie brands started it first) have done that too.

Nope, I think what’s unique about Asian BB creams is that they have a that whitening effect on the skin. This isn’t a new phenomenon  Most sunscreens, facial washes, creams and general cosmetics sold in Asia do promise this same lightening effect. This obsession with achieving fairer skin (seen as a sign of beauty) is what has been driving the Asian cosmetic industry, whilst the Western industry has branched out to other things, like developing all sorts of ways to get bronzed skin.

Most people complain that that’s why Western BB creams don’t hold a candle to Asian ones; they’re just tinted moisturisers that have been labelled as BB creams. I’m absolutely fine with that. I’m pale enough, and my face is probably already shade lighter than my body; I don’t want it to get any paler.

Before I bought this, I knew I wanted something that I could wear easily everyday. I’m not a fan of powder products because it gets all cakey when I sweat (which is inevitable if you live in Singapore), and I didn’t want something that would clog up my pores. When I was at the Bobbi Brown counter, I couldn’t figure out whether to get the tinted moisturiser or the BB cream. I asked the sales lady what the difference between the two was, and she told me that the BB cream had slightly heavier coverage. My acne was still pretty bad at that time (my skin’s never been awful, but I got red bumps on my cheeks a lot of the time) so I figured I would get the product with heavier coverage.

And gosh, have I loved it since.

This smells like sunscreen, which is what strikes me every time I apply it. The scent doesn’t last after applying, though you may catch hints of it if you start to sweat while wearing it throughout the day. It comes in a handy squeeze tube (which I’ve found to be great for travelling), and the product feels light and smooth on my fingers. I like to rub a pea-sized amount of this on my fingers to warm it up, and then apply it straight to my face. I usually add just a little more to cover the redness around my nose, my chin and the shadows on my undereye area. If I’ve warmed it up before applying the product, I find that the finish is natural, and doesn’t require to be buffed or powdered. It does give me a beautiful natural looking radiance.

I usually apply this over a moisturiser as a base, but I would say the product itself is on it’s own, pretty moisturising. It also has SPF35, which is a decent enough number (experts recommend SPF30-50 to keep your skin safe). It lasts a good long time for me; I can usually put this on at the beginning of the day and expect it to still be there after dinner. If I do start to sweat it off though, you’ll usually see some of the redness around my nose start to appear, though there’ll still be a good amount left on my skin (evident from my makeup wipes when I take it off at the end of the day).

This product hasn’t broken me out, and the smell of it has never really bothered me, though I understand it would be different from person to person.

I used to use this all the time. I’ve had this for about a year and a half now, and I’m about three quarters through the tube (so it’s quite a lot of product!). I’ve stopped using it as much since my skin’s cleared up some, and I got hold of Maybelline’s BB Watergel (which has lighter coverage, but is cheaper and feels lighter on the skin). I still use the Bobbi Brown BB cream for evening events, when I want heavier coverage. (The other foundation I own is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation, which I only bring out for stage, photo shoots, or when my skin is REALLY bad.)

This is pricey (as are most of the makeup products I recommend, it seems =/) but is a fabulous product which does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It also has a lot of product (to give some comparison, I’m more than halfway through the Maybelline tube even though I’ve had it only for a couple of months, while I’ve owned this one for a year and a half, and have still got quite a bit of product left).

There are a lot of drugstore alternatives out there, but I have not really heard positive reviews about Garnier’s. I’ve reviewed Maybelline’s Watergel, but it’s coverage and longevity can’t hold a candle to Bobbi Brown’s. While I know they work, I would still stay far away from any Korean or Japanese brands’, because I’ve heard that their whitening thing work like whoa and if I get any paler I’m not gonna be able to find a foundation in my skintone.

Another great thing about the Bobbi Brown BB cream is that it comes in a huge variety of shades, while most BB creams come in just ‘Light’ and ‘Lighter’. So have a look at it the next time you’re looking for something with lighter coverage, but have difficulty finding drugstore stuff in your skintone.

So here are some photos of myself wearing the BB cream.


Click here for more info on this look. That white glowy thing is really all the BB cream’s doing. Also it’s not that white on my skin as it looks here, it’s just that the SPF in the product + lighting just made my face look a lot whiter than it actually is.


Click here for more info on this look. There, no unnatural whiteness in this one.


Click here for more info on the look. But there we go, beautiful glow, no unnatural whiteness.

Cost: SGD60
Does it work: Moisturises, has SPF, leaves the skin looking radiant and natural.
Would I recommend it: It’s hard to, especially when there are cheaper alternatives like Maybelline around. However, I will say that it does work better than my Maybelline one, has better coverage, and a LOT more product. Also, if you have tanner skin you know how hard it is to find BB creams in your skin tone, have a look at this.

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9 Responses to Product Rave: Bobbi Brown BB Cream (and also an introduction to BB creams)

  1. Gosh, your skin looks flawless! I love BB creams, and I’m excited to try one of the latest trends: CC creams! This is a great post!!

  2. Hmm what are the popular asian brands for BB creams? I’ve never tried them but your post makes me curious!

  3. Amria says:

    Your skin looks perfect with the BB! 😀

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