Try this look Tuesday (Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Phan, Naya Rivera and more!)

Collaborated with Stephanie from Elegantrebelbeauty! Check out the various looks featured here. I really love this feature, it’s when bloggers challenge each other to try out various celebrity looks. It’s great for bloggers to interact, and it’s really fun trying to recreate looks you may not have otherwise considered.

She's Gone Green *a greener life through beauty, fashion, nature and compassion*

You know what the day after Monday means! Tuesdays are quickly becoming one of my favourite days of the week thanks to these fabulous collaborations. Quick rundown: I pick a celeb look for a blogger to copy and photograph and they do the same for me. Then, we bring you a post all about it!

This week, I collaborated with beautiful Natalie of and for the second time, the lovely Maria of Amriaa’s blog.

Natalie chose this Jennifer Lawrence look for me. I love this look, and  I could only find one picture of it (the one Natalie sent seems to be the only one of this look-it was for a shoot), and the photo is stunning but a bit difficult to nail the makeup. This is because the photo is shot in a very artistic manner with a specific light and angle. So what I tried to…

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