At The Beach


So last Wednesday, a friend and I woke up at an ungodly hour (well she did, I didn’t sleep the night before) to get to the beach at yet another ungodly hour and this is the result.

She took the photos and did the editing, I did the makeup and modeled. (Trying to work on both my makeup and modeling portfolio.)



For more photos, check out my Facebook page!

Also, my photographer friend’s Facebook page is here, she does amazing work, do have a look!

Oh, and my friend sent the first photo for a photo competition. Please like and share the link!

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We started about 7.30am, and took the photos with the white dress first, followed by the red lipsticked one, and then the peacock styled one. I mention this because the changing light as the morning wore on made a big difference in the photographs. It got cloudy during the second set, which is why the light looks so soft and grey.

I knew I wanted to do three dramatically different looks. So I settled for a natural one, the classic red lip and I’ve been meaning to do a peacock styled shoot since I bought this dress last year. Seeing this shoot motivated me to do it.

List of makeup used:

White maxi dress (natural makeup):
1. MAC Prep + Prime for eye in Light
2. Urban Decay Illusion on the eyelid (champagne with gold undertones, from the Glinda palette)
3. Painted Earth Bronze palette
a. Medium brown eyeshadow colour in the outer third
b. Used the eye pencil to line the eye, blended it up to get a smoky brown effect
4. Urban Decay Broken on the brow bone as a highlight colour (soft pale beige)
5. Painted Earth mascara
6. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation (Porcelain) on the face
7. Painted Earth Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation
8. MAC Ripe for Love blush on the apples of the cheeks (coral-orange, from the 2013 Temperature Rising collection)
9. MAC Warm Soul (peachy bronze with gold pearl) on the contours of the cheeks
10. MAC Soft and Gentle (shimmery champange with gold pearl) to highlight the cheekbones
11. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light (creates a soft morning light effect) on the face as a finishing powder
12. Revlon Rose Gold ColourBurst Lipgloss on the lips (pink bronze with gold and pink shimmer)

Dress from the now defunct Lady Loco
Earrings from Forever 21

I also used just a little bit of hairspray to muss up the hair a little. (My hair’s so soft it usually just falls in place. Styling it is usually a very painful process.)

Pinstriped bustier dress (pin-up girl styled makeup):

Pretty much the same makeup as above. I just dusted down the cheeks with some face powder to tone down the makeup there, added falsies and liquid eyeliner.

Also, I’m using Sephora Lip Cream Stan in Always Red. I don’t need to describe the colour here just look at the photos. It is beautiful.

Dress from Jack Wills (bought it while at Yale)

Peacock dress:

Wow. So the process to apply this makeup was long and an arduous one.

1. MAC Prep + Prime for eye was applied on the eyelid, and then brushed through the eyebrows.
2. I used OCC’s Loose Powder Concentrate in Triptych (shimmery gold) and Painted Earth’s Glitter powder in Taylor (rich forest green) to draw out the shapes I wanted on my eye. I then filled in the rectangular blocks.
3. Applied Triptych to my eyebrows and combed through with a mascara brush.
4. Used Maybelline’s 24 Hour Tattoos in Edgy Emerald (rich green) on the lids, blending it out to the brow bone to get the shimmer effect you see in the photos.
5. Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo in Tenacious Teal (rich aqua) was used in the inner corner of the eye to draw a curve around the eye
6. Liquid liner to line my upper lashline, and Painted Earth’s mascara on my lashes
7. OCC Lip Tar in Triptych (supposed to be molten gold) was applied on the lips. I didn’t layer it on, so you can still see a lot of my natural pigment coming through. I patted Painted Earth Taylor on top.
8. Dusted Hourglass’s Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused on my face.

China Glaze’s Deviantly Daring (shimmery teal) was applied onto my nails.
The dress was bought from www.sofrockinggood.comlast year.

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15 Responses to At The Beach

  1. Amria says:

    I love all the pics! 😀 And you made my fav your profile pic ❤

  2. Great pics – the peacock makeup is fab.

  3. sofiaaa001 says:

    Looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

  4. We stand for a certain World says:

    You look beautiful! I love the close up one with the red lip!

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  8. bubliibeauty says:

    Stunning pictures 🙂 You look extremely cute in the 5th pic 🙂 l

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