S0 while I’ve been in Malaysia for a debate tournament over the last few days, I haven’t really felt the need to put up photos of my makeup because I’m not doing anything really special on myself. My friends from my university have however, been kind enough to be my guinea pigs. ❤ I love you guys.

So here’s a series of photos of the looks I’ve been doing for the various socials and formal events over the last few days.





In this look, I used a warm gold with green undertones (Urban Decay Spell) on the eyes. On the lips, I have OCC Lip Tar in Authentic, which is a beautiful bronze with orangey gold shimmer.





Danielle doesn’t like experimenting very much with makeup. I gave her a soft silver eye (MAC Electra I think) and deep rose lips (Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry).




Leejing was wearing a beautiful maxi dress in soft warm colours. I wanted out-of-the ordinary to match, but didn’t want the makeup to overwhelm the look. Here, I’ve used MAC Cranberry (pinky red) with a medium brown eyeshadow, and MAC Dazzlelight in the inner corners of the eye as a highlight colour. I’ve always found Cranberry a difficult colour to work with, no matter how pretty it is, and am always pleased to find new ways to use it.




I have been wanting to do makeup for Audi since I’ve known her, but she’s also not a makeup person. She has beautiful doll-like features and I wanted to bring that out with rosy lips. I’ve applied Korres Wild Rose on her lips because Revlon LipButter in Raspberry was too intense for her. I actually gave her a silver and purple ombre eye (with MAC Electra and Urban Decay Tornado), but she washed most of it off. =( I had darkened her brows though, and the powder is still there in this picture. It makes a world of difference.





Cindi doesn’t wear makeup very much either. I darkened her brows, and gave a subtle grey smokey eye (MAC Electra, Urban Decay South, Urban Decay Spell, the black glitter half of the eyeshadow). I’ve also applied Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry here.


IMG_3461 IMG_3462

I used Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red (matte blue red) for Leejing here, and balanced it with a very soft silver eye. I think she looks great.

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2 Responses to Makeovers!

  1. White Pearl says:

    wow love the post……and all the make up ! You people are stunning xx

  2. Amria says:

    Great way to have fun with friends! 😀

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