Ombre lips

Okay, today is just one of those days when none of my photos are turning out right. But I guess that doesn’t really matter because it’s not my face that’s important, it’s the lips.

And oh gosh, I am loving this colour (these colours?).


I put up a post on my haul from OCC some time back, but I didn’t swatch the products. I’ve used Authentic and Triptych so far. Today, I combined Clockwork (orange coral cream) and Triptych (true jewelry gold) to create an ombre lip. There has been a tutorial for this that’s been floating around Tumblr and Pininterest for a while that uses these same colours for a beautiful sunset look. I toned it down slightly because I’m off to school in a few minutes (also my mom doesn’t like it when I wear too much makeup).

The hardest thing about applying this is that I didn’t have a lip brush (left all my makeup in school, I shall put up photos of the makeup designs of the performance I am helping out with a few weeks) and I was using my fingers. It was easy enough to get Clockwork on my lips, but patting Triptych on meant a lot of smearing and colour mixing. And even though I squeezed out the tiniest amount of product possible to pat on my lips, my hands looked like I’d been finger painting by the time I was done, because I had to wipe away smears on the corners of the lips, which then resulted in my smearing product from the back of my hand to my palm, which then spread to other areas… You get the point.

Anyways, I’m pretty satisfied with the effect, I hope you like it too!



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6 Responses to Ombre lips

  1. meow says:

    Gosh I love how it looks on you, you’ve got such nice lips. Orange is so yummy!!

    • natziwang says:

      And it lasted a good long time too! Almost six hours of wear, which is amazing. And for some reason the orange just looked better as the day wore on, probably because I had applied a little too thickly at the beginning of the day.

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