Different night looks

So I did makeup for a bunch of people for the social night of the debate tournament I was just at. The social was held in a club at this really posh hotel. These are some of the various looks you can go for.

I want to apologise for the poor quality of the photos. The lighting in the lecture theatre we were in (before leaving for the club) was really poor, and the lighting in the cub even more so. But I hope the photos are enough to give you an idea on what I’m talking about

Subtle smoky eyes + bold lips

IMG_3894 IMG_3895

You’ll see later why I differentiated on the ‘subtle’ smoky eyes, as opposed to anything else. This look is extremely easy to achieve. You just need a subtle brown eyeshadow, and a slightly vampy lip. You don’t want to go too heavy on the eye makeup though, or the result won’t be too pleasant.

Eyes: (Urban Decay Theodora palette)
1) UD Beware (matte caramel brown) on the lid of eye
2) UD Spell (yellow gold microglitter) applied on the inner third of the eye (this has faded by the end of the day)
3) UD Bewitched (satin dark grey brown) on the outer V of the eye
4) UD Broken (matte beige) on the brow bone to hide veins
5) Lined the upper lashline with UD Zero (black eye pencil)
6) Lined the lower lashline with UD Bewitched

1) I filled in the brows with UD Bewitched (satin dark grey brown)

1) Lee Jing had applied her own foundation
2) I applied MAC Warm Soul on the apples of her cheeks (bronze with gold pearl)
3) Set the face

1) Applied NYX Hestia (deep wine red) with a lip brush
2) Layered Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss in Black Ruby (blackened ruby with gold pearl)

Colourful eyes + red lip

IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892

For Parveen, I decided to add more colour because she has the most beautiful deeply set eyes (and look at those lashes!) I gave her cherry red lips to show off the eyeshadow some more. I think all the colours look amazing on her skin tone.

1) Applied MAC Paint Pot in Rubensque (gold beige cream) on the lids as a primer, all the way up to the brow bone
2) Applied UD Jealous (pale green satin) on the lid
3) Applied UD Spell (yellow gold glitter) on the inner corners of the eyes
4) UD Bewitched (satin dark grey brown) on the outer V of the eye
5) Applied UD Zero (black pencil) on the upper lashline of the eye
6) Used UD Bewitched to line the lower lashline of the eye. This was so that the eye looked balanced, but not heavily lined or harshly lined, since I used brown and not black

Filled in brows with UD Bewitched

1) Dusted Painted Earth Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige all over the face
2)  Used MAC Warm Soul on the apples of her cheeks
3) Used Hourglass Mood Light to set the makeup

UD Supersaturated Highgloss Lip Colour in Theodora (glossy blue red)

Smoky eyes + lip tint

IMG_3896 IMG_3897

I didn’t do Danielle’s makeup entirely. She had drawn the thick black line herself, and then I tried to blend it out with Urban Decay Bewitched to soften the line. I then added Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Raspberry to her lips.

All out vamp: heavily lined eyes and dark lips

IMG_3886IMG_3900 IMG_3901


I will admit, this is not a look very many people would do. It does look heavy and caked on, but I think if you carried yourself well, you’ll just end up looking badass.

1) I applied MAC Dark Diversion (royal purple gel) to the lid of the eye
2) I applied Urban Decay Spell (black glitter) near the lashline and blended it out, creating a black purple ombré
3) I applied MAC Smolder (black kohl) in a thin black line along the lashline, then blended it out, darkening the area around the lashline
4) I used an angled liner brush, dipped it in Urban Decay Spell (black glitter) and lined the entire lower lashline
5) I used the Painted Earth mascara

1) Painted Earth Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige
2) Contoured the cheeks with MAC Warm Soul (bronze with gold pearl)

1) MAC Hang-up (deep berry purple)
2) Layered Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lipgloss in Black Ruby (blackened ruby with gold shimmer) on the lips

I hope this post was helpful, and will inspire you to try out more looks for the next time you head out!

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  1. Amria says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun! 😀

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