Sunkissed lips


Took this photo by accident – I love it.

There are two ways to add pops of colour on your face, making your makeup look more complex, which then makes it look like you put in a lot more time and effort into your makeup than you did (in a good way of course, you don’t want to look like you tried too hard with your makeup, it should always look effortless and/or fun).

The first method would be to use coloured eyeliner. Gold, turquoise and purple are great colours for these, they really make your eyes pop, and will get you a second glance.

The second is using a brightly coloured lipstick. Great colours to use would be pink (ranging from fuschia to candy bubblegum pink), bright shades of purple like magenta, coral (whether pink or orange shades) and orange. In this case, you can keep your eye makeup simple; just a thin line of eyeliner (either brown or black) with some mascara would do the trick. MAC has got a wonderful range of the most beautiful lipsticks. Drugstore brands like Revlon and Maybelline also have a great range of colours.

I used Maybelline’s Electric Orange at first, but the redness of my lips means that it turned out more coral on my lips than a true bright orange. So I brought out the lip tar that I’ve been a little intimidated to use for a while – OCC Androgyne.


Just look at how bright that orange is.

It’s still a redder orange on my lips than it looks in the Temptalia photo, but a truer orange than than Electric Orange is.

Makeup used:

I used the Urban Decay Theodora palette to get this look.

1) I used MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study (shimmery beige with gold pearl) as a base all over the eye
2) I applied UD Beware (matte caramel beige) on the lid, and then patted a very small amount on the undereye to line it
3) I applied UD Bewitched (dark cool brown with satin finish) on the V of the eye to contour it
4) I applied UD Broken (matte beige) on the browbone as a highlight colour
5) I lined my upper lashline with UD 24/7 Eyeliner in Zero (black), keeping the lower lashline bare

1) Painted Earth Luminious Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige was applied with a Kabuki brush
2) I used MAC Warm Soul (beige bronze with gold pearl) to very lightly contour my cheekbones
3) I used MAC Gleeful (strawberry pink-red blush) very very lightly on the apples of the cheeks
4) Hourglass Ambient Powder in Diffused Light (this is supposed to imitate the glow of morning light) to set the makeup

1) I applied OCC Androgyne (tangerine orange with yellow undertones) on the lips, then blotted them to wipe away excess colour
2) I then patted on OCC Triptych (metallic jewellery gold) on the lip with a finger

I love the result.





Today is just one of those days when most my shots turn out well. The lighting (it’s raining outside) also really flatters the skin.

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6 Responses to Sunkissed lips

  1. Amria says:

    Loving that first pic Nat! 😀

  2. rubyangel711 says:

    You definitely achieved the sun-kissed look on lips:) Very nice!

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