Begin Again


I’m going to gush about how gorgeous Taylor Swift is throughout this post. Because she is. And her makeup is always incredibly beautiful.

I thought of Taylor Swift’s music video ‘Begin Again’ as I was doing this one. I was initially going for a a more dramatic cat eye while doing nude lips, like this.


I couldn’t get the sharp flick though. =( So I ended up scrubbing off the black eyeliner (leaving that perfect eyeliner ring around the eyes), then decided to go for the red lip. I haven’t worn a red lipstick in a while. So this post isn’t based on just the Taylor Swift music video, but because I had to and redo my makeup so many times.


This is a screenshot from ‘Begin Again’. I don’t know what kind of filters they used in the post production for the video but I love this cloudy grey effect. She looks so ethereal.

I’m wearing the white dress I wore in this shoot.

It’s definitely not a replica of Taylor’s  look. I’d have to use a darker, more intense red. Preferably, my Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red. But I think that would be a bit much to do for school.

So I’ve toned down the red. I’ve also not worn any blush in order to look less made up.

Makeup used:

1) I applied MAC Dazzlelight (frosty beige) on the lids
2) I used an angled liner brush to apply MAC Blacktrack (matte gel liner) on the lashlines

1) I applied a thin layer of Maybelline BB Watergel
2) I brushed Painted Earth Luminous Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation in Sandy Beige on top of it
3) I then brushed MAC Soft and Gentle (shimmery champagne) on my cheekbones to highlight them. This is to ensure that there’s still some dimension to my face, but without adding too much colour when I add blush or bronzer. I’m trying to keep the look ethereal

1) I lined my lips with Jordona lip pencil in Sedona Red
2) I then applied MAC Ruby Woo (matte blue red) to my lips with a brush

I don’t know if it’s because after I’ve used (and loved) the Sephora Lip Cream so much, Ruby Woo (which was once my go-to red) seems so muted now. =(

IMG_4356 IMG_4365 IMG_4376 IMG_4381 IMG_4386

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12 Responses to Begin Again

  1. nhieubeauty says:

    You both look gorgeous! 😀

  2. This is probably my favourite of her album Red. She is beautiful and so talented. (despite her uhm boobjob) I hope her new album is more like her first two. I’m a huge fan, but not too much if her new songs.

  3. You look lovely by the way! X

  4. Apparently a surgeon came forward with the story. I definitely noticed the sudden difference, so I believe it.

  5. Olivia says:

    You look like a fairy or an angel in the last 2 pics ♥

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