Hazy summer


Today’s look. It’s kind of a bright, yet smoky kind of a look (hence the name).

I’ve been doing a lot of these summer looks lately. It’s summer all year long in Singapore, and the last few days feel exceptionally warm – hence these looks. I definitely wouldn’t want to go Goth anytime soon.



IMG_4488  IMG_4460

 Coastal Scents Double Stack shimmer palette 42 shades

Coastal Scents 42 Doublestack Shimmer Palette. I used the deep yellow that’s at the bottom of the first row.

Makeup used:

1) I applied MAC Paint Pot in Rubensque (peach and gold) on the lid and blended it out up to the crease
2) I then took the deep yellow colour from my Coastal Scents Shimmer palette (yellow shimmer, it’s not really a gold) and applied it on the lid, as well as the lower lashline
3) I applied MAC Photograuve (matte brown) on both lashlines, then blended it along the lower lashline with the yellow
Note: I think my kohl pencil oxidized or something. It used to be a chocolate brown, but has become a grey brown. =(
4) I used the Painted Earth mascara on my lashes

1) I applied Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel on the face
2) I used MAC Ripe for Love (orange coral with satin finish) on the apples of my cheeks
3) I then applied the bronzer from the Coastal Scents palette (I forgot to snap a picture of it) to contour the cheeks

1) I applied MAC Lipglass in Pure Flattery (peach lipgloss) to finish the look

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