NYX Cosmetics Parallel Worlds Box

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Note: Photo heavy post ahead.

I received NYX’s Parallel Worlds Box as a birthday present from my friend.

The description for the product is as follows: ‘The NYX Parallel Worlds Box is Dark, Mysterious, and Dangerous. Venture into this new collection inspired by The Mortal Instruments. Includes a 6 color smokey palette, the perfect pink blush, a neutral pink matte lip cream, black liquid liner, a vibrant jumbo eye pencil, and volumizing mascara. Everything you need to create an innocent day look inspired by Clary or a sultry night look inspired by Isabel.’

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Here I’ve got the lip cream, the eye pencil and the blush swatched on my skin, in that order.


The box set contains the following:

– 1 look book that explains how to get two different kind of looks
– 1 NYX smokey shadow palette (the six shades include a black glitter, a matte black, a matte purple, a satin blue, a golden brown, a frosty white)
– 1 Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere (light cool gold)
– 1 NYX Powder Blush in Pinched (peachy pink with gold shimmer)
– 1 Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul (matte pale pink)
– 1 Le Frou Frou mascara (black)
– 1 Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black (matte black)

I’m rather surprised at the choice of the lip cream and blush. As lovely as both colours are, this colour is way too saccharine to go with the smoky eye looks that are suggested in the look book. I would have chosen something more neutral, like London for the lip cream, and some kind of brown based blush like Sand or Terra Cotta.

Look 1: Clary inspired makeup
Note: As a big fan of Cassandra Clare’s writing, I hate the way Clary’s portrayed in the film (from what I’ve gleaned from the promotional material anyway.) She’s just too… Glamorous. Hell, the Clary in the books wouldn’t wear makeup at all. I’d have used the bare minimum in her character makeup, and definitely not had such amazingly defined brows (which look fabulous, they just aren’t in character).

IMG_4899 IMG_4909 IMG_4910

I must say, I never thought about using blue as a contour colour for a neutral eye. This is something I will try more in the future.

I followed the instructions given in the ‘day look’ instructions.

1) Apply the jumbo eye pencil in Cashmere to the lid and blend
2) Apply the shimmery beige shade to the lid
3) Apply the matte blue shade on the outer V of the eye. Pat the white eyeshadow on top to soften the effect. I also patted white eyeshadow in the inner rim of the eye (this was not in the instructions)
4) Line the eyes with the liquid liner
5) Apply NYX mascara
6) Applied Painted Earth Luminous Coconut Oil Pressed Mineral Foundation to the face
7) Applied NYX Pinched blush on the apples of the cheeks
8) Applied NYX Istanbul on the cheeks
9) Patted Painted Earth lipgloss in Mint Mauve (pink with gold shimmer) on the centre of the lip for some shine
10) Set makeup with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light

Look 2: Isabella inspired makeup

IMG_4972 IMG_4973 IMG_5014 IMG_4981 IMG_5017

I largely followed the instructions on the sheet on how to achieve a ‘night’ look.

1) Apply Cashmere to the inner corners of the eye
2) Apply the matte purple eye shadow all over the lid (I also lined my lower lashes with the same shadow)
3) Apply the matte black eyeshadow on the outer V
4) Apply liquid liner
5) Apply mascara
6) Foundation
7) Apply Pinched on the cheeks
8) I applied MAC Warm Soul to contour my cheekbones a little
9) Instead of using the pink lip cream, I used a rosy nude lip pencil to fill in my lips. I then applied Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bronzed Heather (plummy brown with multicoloured shimmer).
10) Set the makeup with Hourglass Ambient Powder in Mood Light.

Product reviews

NYX Smokey Eyeshadow palette:
1) Shimmery black – not the darkest of blacks, come off more as grey than anything else
2) Matte grey black – most definitely not the darkest of blacks available. I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation, though it blended out a little too easily for my liking.
3) Matte grey purple – this has the worst pigmentation of all the products. It is dry, it appears more grey than purple both swatched and when applied on the lid.
4) Matte blue – decent enough pigmentation, though it was noticeably faded at the end of six hours, and faded some more after about twelve.
5) Golden beige shimmer – when testing this for the Clary look, this was the shadow that was most obviously gone at the end of the day. Most of its shimmer disappears, and it only looks like a pale shadow of its former self on my lid.
6) Frosty white – this is a shimmer that is probably the most intensely pigmented shadow in the palette (and it’s the palest colour, weirdly enough), and lasted the longest.

None of these are eyeshadows I would ordinarily pick out due to their lack of pigmentation, and their dry and difficult textures.

NYX Powder Blush in Pinched:
Pinched is a beautiful pink with very slight peach undertones, that also has a golden shimmer. Some people have called it a pinker version of NARS’ famous Orgasm. I love the colour on my cheeks. While the powder is soft, it isn’t buttery, and I had to swirl my blush in the pan a bit to pick up enough product to pat on my cheek. Pinched began fading after about five hours, and by the end of the day (twelve hours) had more or less disappeared from my cheeks.

Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere
Cashmere is a cool champagne colour with a pearly sheen. It is nicely pigmented, and brightens my lid colour when I apply it on the lid. Two passes give me a somewhat opaque colour. The texture is creamy and doesn’t tug at the skin. It’s a little hard to gauge how long it lasts as it is barely visible on my skin, but I’d say it starts fading after about four hours.

Tip: Roll Cashmere around between your palms to warm up the product before applying. This allows you to apply and blend the product more easily.

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul
Istanbul is a matte blue-based light pink on the cheeks. The lip cream glides on the lips easily, with a strong vanilla scent. It dries down quickly to a matte finish. This lasted about four hours on my lips.

Le Frou Frou mascara (black)
Well, I don’t test or try out mascaras very much. This worked, but was prone to streaking smearing, and took a while to dry. It didn’t give any substantial difference

Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Black (matte black)
I don’t like the tininess and thinness of the brush. Though it’s great for reaching corners, it makes achieving a straight line harder as the brush is more likely to bend. The liquid liner cracked on my lashline somewhere along the day too. It also seems to take a longer time to dry than the average liquid liner.

Cost: SGD 38
Does it work: This is extremely value for money. SGD38 for a jumbo eye pencil, mascara, eyeliner, blush, lip cream and eyeshadow palette? It’s difficult for me to figure out how much would it cost to buy all these on their own, but I’m pretty sure you’re saving money. Not that NYX products are really that expensive on their own though.
Would I recommend it: None of the individual products are fantastic on their own. I’d highly recommend the products individually, if any of them sing to you. The blush, eye pencil and lip cream are great. You can get better mascara and liquid liner from Maybelline, but it’ll of course be pricer (almost SGD20 for one product). I would not recommend anyone buy the palette.

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7 Responses to NYX Cosmetics Parallel Worlds Box

  1. nhieubeauty says:

    Fantastic post. That must have taken you some time to create. NYX is great! I need to get more of it.

    • natziwang says:

      The Sephora in Singapore has finally started stocking up on it! (Previously I could only get hold of NYX from random flea markets.) I can’t wait to try all their other lipsticks.

      • nhieubeauty says:

        What about the price? I have seen NYX in Hong Kong too, but the market it as a semi-high end brand. So I’d still rather order online 🙂

      • natziwang says:

        O.O Seriously? Well, the box set WAS SGD38, which is still reasonable. I didn’t scrutinize the other products on the shelf very closely.I did manage to get my brow pencils at a flea in Singapore for below ten dollars.

        I can’t believe a NYX lipstick is USD4. D= I’ll be happy to pay SGD10 for one, but no more than that.

      • nhieubeauty says:

        My friend is in the States now. Will probably make a huge haul and have her send it to me. And I’m sure gonna order so much NYX! 😀

  2. Nyx just arrived in Malta, and I am really enjoying the brand. This set looks amazing 🙂

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