Product rant: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose


A friend of mine lend me her Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick to test out and review!  

IMG_5104 IMG_5105

It comes in a sturdy black plastic compact with a mirror. I’d say it’s rather bulky for it’s size though, it’s definitely not something I’ll want to carry around in my makeup bag all day.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Rose costs USD 42 and SGD74. I’s meant to be used as a highlighter on top of your blush.  ‘This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a soft, rosy glow. Works well with neutral, pink and rose blush shades.’ It’s supposed to create a ‘lit from within’ kind of a glow. Most people use it as a highlighter on its own, or as a blush.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compacts can be used as a highlighter or the colours can be used individually as an eyeshadow. Personally, I don’t like using them as eyeshadows. You have to really pack product on to find some kind of colour, and they’re so shimmery at the end of it you’re better off just patting an eyeshadow like MAC Dazzlelight or Nylon on. I find they’re easiest to use when swirled all together and applied. Rose ends up looking like a cool pale pink with lots of shimmer.

This is a really really pale pink with strong cool undertones. I would not recommend it except for people with the fairest skin. I’m pretty pale, and it still took work for it to show up on my skin, this will just be shimmer on people with medium skin tones or darker. What annoys me most about this product is that because the pigmentation isn’t all that great, when I want to use it as a blush I have to really pack on a lot of product to get more colour, which of course, results in it looking more shimmery.

It’s also very frosty. This is why I’ve never bothered buying a Shimmer Brick, no matter how pretty they look in the pot. I have a really good highlighter as it is (MAC Soft and Gentle) which can be patted on top of any kind of blush (warm, neutral or cool, plum, bronze, pink, coral, whatever) to get the same ‘lit from within glow’.

Rose lasted about eight hours on me, and while the pink colour was slightly faded, the shimmer was still going strong on the tenth hour. (Good job too, since it was such a warm day.) 


Swirled together, it makes a very pale pink with some light brown undertones. Also, it is very shimmery.

IMG_5116 IMG_5117

The first shade looks like a champagne in the brick, but comes off as a frosty pale pink when swatched.

The second shade is a rose brown, warmer than most shades but still is fairly cool.

The third is a cool plummy brown.

The fourth shade is a cool candy pink.

The fifth shade is a lot like the fourth, with some gold undertones to it so it looks slightly warmer.

IMG_5044 IMG_5086

On the left, I applied a liberal amount of it (I also have just a bit of MAC Warm Soul on the contour of my cheek so there’s a bit more colour there), and kept going over my cheeks with the darker shades. On the right I swirled and buffed all the colours into my skin. It’s more frost than anything else, really.

At this price, you have to be really really sure you want it. It’s a ton of product, but is still extremely pricey. I’d only suggest you buy it if you’re sure you’re going to use it frequently.

This is just a personal preference, lot of people seem to like using it as a highlighter alone, but if I’m going to pay so much for it, I’ll like it to be more versatile. The Shimmer Brick in Bronze seems to be a lot more popular, probably because it’s a lot warmer, and as such, is more versatile and looks more natural on the skin. Check it out if you’re dead set on getting a shimmer brick.

Note: I will usually never recommend anyone wear such a cool toned blush. I find they’re less forgiving on skin tones than a warmer blush colour. People with cooler undertones can still work fairly warm blushes because blushes are meant to add some kind of warmth to your skin.

Cost: SGD74
Does it work: Rose gives an amazing pink shimmer on the cheekbones and it lasts for eight hours. The colour had faded by the tenth hour, but the shimmer was still there.
Would I recommend it: The thing is, the product itself isn’t bad, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  I just cannot in good conscience recommend this at the price point and the lack of versatility of the product. MAC Soft and Gentle and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze are both highlighters that can give you that same glow, but can be used on a greater range of skin tones and paired with a lot of other blush products. Soft and Gentle, as well as MAC’s other Mineralize Skin Finish products are also a lot cheaper. (Click here for tips on the different ways to use MSFs)

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