Blue lizard


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So yeah, this look was inspired by the boyfriend. He was being a lazy lizard (his words not mine), so I decided to turn him into a pretty blue lazy lizard. When I was done, I went ‘OHMIGOD WHY HAVE I NEVER TRIED THIS COLOUR COMBINATION BEFORE IT IS BEAUTIFUL I AM GOING TO DO IT ON MYSELF NOW NOW NOW’.

I applied makeup on him the day before too, check out my Facebook page for it.



The look’s pretty simple to achieve.

I have OCC Lip Tar in Androgyne underneath OCC Lip Tar in Triptych, to at least give my lips some kind of warmth before I apply the gold on top so it doesn’t look like I’ve slathered molten gold on it.

In retrospect, I should have added more blue to the look rather than concentrate on the gold. ( Though, if you own OCC Loose Color Concetrate in Triptych you will understand the desire to decorate EVERYTHING with it it is just too pretty and shimmery to be placed in one bit of the eye and not on the whole socket, or the lip or the whole face/body… Oh gosh, image applying this on the collarbones with a fan brush…)

Anyway for those interested, the blue is Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo in Tenacious Teal, which I insist still looks more like topaz blue than anything else. I applied OCC Loose Color Concentrate in Triptych on the inner third of the eye, and lined my lower lashline with the same colour. I then used MAC Humid (warm forest green) to contour the outer third of the eye. It’s a pity that the lighting was really poor as I was trying to photograph this (I usually take my photos in the morning, just as I leave for class but I only applied my makeup at 6.30pm here and it was getting pretty dark) so you can’t see the full effects of Humid in the outer third (which I can assure you is very pretty). I didn’t apply any liner, but I did add mascara.

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One Response to Blue lizard

  1. Amria says:

    haha 😀 the lizard kind of looks like spiderman

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