Ruby lips

This is the last post chronicling my makeup looks in Sydney and Beijing.

For the championship dinner at the tournament, I knew I was going to be wearing a red lip.





I lined my lips with Jordona Lip Pencil in Sedona Red, and then applied Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red (always make sure you do everything you can to make your lipstick last when you wear a bold lip to a dinner!).

I was in a hurry when I did my makeup and can’t remember what I applied on the eye now. Most probably MAC Paint Pot Rubensque (peachy with gold pearl), and then some light brown eyeshadow on top. I definitely used a liquid eyeliner to line my eyes. I think it’s MAC Warm Soul on the cheeks.


MAC Rubensque in the middle

But the eye makeup is secondary. Even after my meal and multiple red stains on tissues and cutlery, my lips were still a striking gorgeous red. This colour alway makes me do a double take when I see my reflection, it’s so very intense. I love it. ❤

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4 Responses to Ruby lips

  1. Amria says:

    You rock the red lip missy 🙂

  2. Kenny says:

    Very nicely done. I love the added contrast of bold red lips.

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