China Doll


So today, I am a doll.

Really I am.

I went to the hairdresser yesterday (stupidly, just when I loved my long fringe in my last look) because I figured I should trim off the dry ends that I got after going to Sydney and Beijing. Also, my mom told me my hair was out of shape. The usual guy who cuts my hair wasn’t there so I just let somebody else do it. Which turned out to be a mistake because the guy wanted (and he did because I wasn’t paying attention and was reading since I have gotten complacent with trusting the people who cut my hair) to ‘round’ my bangs – which would not have been good for my face. I somehow managed to get him to make it a little choppier and straighter with my mangled Mandarin.

Anyways, it looks okay this morning, probably because it isn’t blow-dried.

So yesterday I was trying to figure out what makeup to wear today. I wanted something natural, but you should realise by now that I’m not a fan of the no makeup makeup look; I want something special with each look I do. I was flipping through my mom’s beauty book and came across this. It is so pretty and fresh and simple.


 It’s the bangs that complete the doll transformation I guess.


Anyways, here’s is all the makeup I used. I did a couple of things that I don’t normally do:

1) Apply eyeliner, THEN eyeshadow
2) Apply two kinds of blush – this is a trick I read about from one Dior makeup artist on getting a more natural blush. It looks pretty.
3) Try a new mascara – Benefit’s They’re Real! They are amazing, I will be posting a review on them once I’ve tested them for longevity.

How I did my makeup:

1) Lined my upper lashline with MAC Photograuve (matte dark brown)
2) Using a finger, I applied MAC Bare Study (frosty beige) and applied it on my lid. Then I took an eye pencil and blended Photograuve out. This gave the look a slight but very natural looking shadow
3) I lined my upper lashline with Milani Liquid Eye in Graphite (sleek shining black with a liquid like finish, though it’s a pencil)
4) Applied Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara to my lashes
5) Defined my brows (I only set them with petroleum jelly after I was done with my loose powder though)

1) Used my Catrice concealer for my eye bags
2) Applied my MAC loose powder, buffed into my skin with a Kabuki brush
3) I applied MAC Warm Soul (light peach bronze with gold pearl) on the lower apples of my cheeks
4) I then applied MAC Dainty (pale pink with gold pearl) higher up on the cheekbones, blending the two blushes together, so you get this pretty gradient of pink into bronze
5) Set my makeup with Guerlain Metorite Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder Compact in Teint Beige

1) I lined my lips with Jordona lip pencil in Tawny, which is a MLBB shade that darkened my lips slightly
2) Applied MAC Mehr (matte dirty pink) on top






What do you think of the look?

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6 Responses to China Doll

  1. You know the oddest thing is I dreamt last night that I cut bangs and they were dyed blue, it was so random. Foreshadowing?? It looks fantastic on you, and it’s really nice on your face shape.

  2. Amria says:

    This type of bangs rocks: you don’t have to take care of your eyebrows anymore haha 😀 I think you’d look great in a bob cut too 😀

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