Product Rave: Benefit They’re Real! mascara

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So Benefit’s mascara has gained something of a cult following. I’ve never bought anything from Benefit, because the price has always turned me off. I’m not especially fussy when it comes to mascara as well, since my natural lashes are of decent length and are fairly dense. I usually just buy a Maybelline mascara, which costs between SGD16-20 and that works decently enough on me. The full sized mascara costs SGD37, and comes with the same travel-sized mascara.

However, when I came across this travel size/smaller size mascara at Sephora the other day, it was only SGD16. I figured I’d try it.

IMG_5463 IMG_5545

So here are photos of my natural lashes. They’re decent, really straight though.


This is me wearing my Painted Earth SuperLash mascara. My lashes here are thicker and longer, but no curl. I’m wearing liquid liner, so if my lashes look a little lusher it’s mainly the liner, not the mascara.


Here’s me using Benefit They’re Real!

IMG_5577 IMG_5584

Can you SEE how curly it looks? Guh. I am in love.

It really is incredible. The mascara darkens my lashes so they look lush and black. They’re definitely longer – and this is the amazing part – and curlier. They are actually curling, which is quite a feat. I look like I’m wearing a pair of natural falsies (but do take this with a grain of salt, since I had thick lashes to begin with.)

The I like the way the spiky bristles separated my lashes and thickened them. Also, I usually have problems with applying mascara to my lower lashes, as well as reaching the corners. But this brush allows me to do it!

I wore it for about ten hours, and did not observe any flaking or smudging, and it’s been a really really warm day. (The rest of my makeup did not last as well, unfortunately.)

I’ve read that people don’t like that it takes a lot of effort to remove. I didn’t face this problem, and was using the makeup remover I always use – Biore Makeup Remover for Face and Lip. (It is something of a miracle worker product – it strips all your makeup off easily, without you needing to scrub. Also, the stuff doesn’t irritate your eyes if it accidentally pours in. Yes it is that magical.) But yes, removal wasn’t a problem for me.

So yep, even with the overwhelming hype about this product, it hasn’t disappointed me. =) So glad I bought it.

Cost: SGD 16 (Note: this is the sample size. The full sized mascara is SGD37, and comes with the miniature bottle too. I’d say it’s great value.)
Does it work: It lengthens and actually curls my lashes – without my needing to curl them with a tool. That curl also stays throughout the day.
Would I recommend it: Yes, most definitely.

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8 Responses to Product Rave: Benefit They’re Real! mascara

  1. lov3less says:

    The mascara looks good on you.

  2. Great review! Been eyeing this one but was wary that it isn’t live up to the hype.

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