OCC Lip Tar Haul (and swatches, hooray)


When I was reviewing the stash of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars I’d bought in the US, I discovered a supplier in Singapore that carries the lip tars, for a reasonable price. That wasn’t incentive enough to purchase it though, especially with my Maybelline lipsticks gathering dust. Then I saw the holiday kits that are being released in the US, and felt very sad and wanted more.

So… I bought more.


Six lip tars in all. I paid SGD22.90 (initially SGD29, then it was slashed to be be SGD23.90, further slashes down to SGD22.90 because of a sale when I purchased it) for each one, with free registered shipping.

They also threw in a free NYX lipgloss, which would probably be around SGD10.





NYX Girl’s Lipgloss in Frosted Red

Swatches from left to right: Electric Grandma (coral, it seems to have stronger peach tones than Clockwork and is supposed to have a metallic shine; it came out really watery, this should be solved as I keep using the lip tar, but for now ignore the ugly smear), Psycho (orange red), Radiate (strawberry red, or a red with strong pink undertones), Starling  (rusted red brown), Black Dahlia (metallic burgundy), Lydia (pink plum) and NYX Frosted Red (warm brown red). As you can see, every one of the lip tars is an incredibly intense colour.

Do note that the NYX gloss is a lot sheerer than it comes across in the bottle, which may be good or bad, depending what you’re looking for.


Myself wearing NYX  Frosted Red. It’s got a strong soapy smell, but this quickly vanishes after being applied on the lips. It’s a lovely natural reddish brown on my lips, a great everyday colour. It’s glossy, but I think the sparkles don’t really translate on my lips.


Also, I now have six extra OCC Lip Precision brushes, which is far more than I can use. If anyone would like to take them off my hands, do let me know. These are fantastic brushes that really help in creating a crisp line when applying lip products.


Discarded trash at the end of the excited wrapping.

I’ll be slowly reviewing the lip tars over the next few weeks, do look out for that!

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9 Responses to OCC Lip Tar Haul (and swatches, hooray)

  1. ARGH they look so pretty just how. And the price. Madness. Looking forward to how they’d look on you!

  2. I’ve been dying to try the lip tars but they are so expensive! I think I’ll grab one of the holiday sets… Those colors are gorgeous!

    • natziwang says:

      Do grab the holiday sets, they’re amazing value. The larger set is pricier, but it’s got the better colours I think. And yes, the colours are great. XD Have fun!

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  4. Please try the purple one. I’d love to see what it looks like. I might actually ask you in the future to have mine shipped to you seeing that amazon is grossly overcharging. Will Facebook you once ie decided. 🙂

  5. SR says:

    Hi.. awesome post. was just wondering if you still have those lip brushes?

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