A New Take on Bubblegum Sweet


So I went with somewhat natural eye makeup (although my crease colour is rather dark)  paired with bright pinky red lips. I’m using a bunch of new products. There will be a lot of squealing in this post as I believe I should be allowed to maximize my happiness considering the money spent on it all.

Despite my extensive (and I do mean EXTENSIVE) collection of lip products I do not own a dupe for Radiate. The very closest I can think of is when I layer my Viva Glam Cindy lipgloss and lipstick together. Even then, the finish would be glossy and not creamy and a lot pinker. My Maybelline Vivid Rose has some fuchsia undertones.

This pink red reminds me a little of Barbie hot pink. It’s such a sweet girly colour, but it’s not quite bubblegum pink either. This look was meant to look fresh and feminine, without looking overly saccharine. I hope I nailed it!


Look at how lovely that blush is. ^^

IMG_5686 IMG_5693 IMG_5696

The eyeshadoooooow.


Closeup of the eye makeup.


On the eyes (no primer applied!)

1) Half-baked on lid (coppery brown with golden shimmer)
2) YDK in the outer third (red-toned brown)
3) Snakebite in crease (dark reddish brown)
4) Bootycall in the inner third of the eye to bright up the look (pale peachy beige)
5) I lined the upper lashline with my Painted Earth glitter glow eyeliner (medium brown)

On the face
1) Maybelline BB Watergel on the face
2) Applied Benefit Cha-Cha tint on my cheeks. I painted on three stripes then blended with my fingertips
3) Layered Benefit Coralista over
4) Dotted the illuminater, Benefit High Beam, on the tops of my cheekbones and blended it out
5) Dusted Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light to set the makeup

1) Applied OCC Radiate (strawberry red with pink undertones) with my finger

I’m writing this seven hours after applying my makeup. The lip tar lasted about four hours, and remained a stain for the fifth and six hour. The eyeshadows are still going strong, despite my lack of an eye primer.

Love my new products.

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