Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Radiate


OCC Radiate is a described as an ‘electric red coral‘. I think of it more as a strawberry red with strong pink undertones. I think on someone with less pigmented lips, the coral part may show up better as seen from the photos on Google, but it’s just pink on me.

OCC Radiate costs SGD 23.90 with this supplier. It’s a reasonable markup, as the lip tar is USD 18 (which, according to Google’s conversion rate at the moment, is SGD 22.32).


It’s listed under ‘matte’ finishes on the OCC site. I think it’s rather creamy matte, definitely not as flat looking as MAC Ruby Woo or Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red. I see it as a more modern take on matte, as compared to the ‘retro mattes’. Burberry and Bobbi Brown have their new lines of matte lipsticks, that look velvety or creamy matte, rather than a dried down one. (That’s a long explanation on mattes, but just so you know there’s a difference.)


Radiate is the third tube from the left


Radiate is the third swatch from the left

In the photo above, I have applied a minimal amount of product onto my hand, then patted that on my lips. Like all OCC lip tars, Radiate is incredibly pigmented. The tube is going to last me years. It is creamy and incredibly easy to apply.

It doesn’t moisturize my lips, but they definitely don’t feel any worse for wear after application. Like all OCC lip tars, Radiate has a minty smell, but this disappears after you apply it on the lips.

This is a beautiful easy-to-wear colour. I think of this as a “grown-up pink”.I can see it being worn in an office – it’s a pretty pink without it being too saccharine. While a bold colour, it’s not one that screams for attention either, so it is work appropriate. First time users at makeup won’t find it too overwhelming either because the pink undertones tone down the red. I can see it going with strong smoky eye looks as well as more natural makeup too. I think it’s a colour that will suit a lot of skin types too! It’s neither very warm nor very cool (if I had to describe it I’ll say it has very slight cool undertones, but hey, that just makes your teeth look whiter).

What do you think, would you wear it?

Cost: SGD 23.90, USD 18
Does it work: Radiate is a strawberry red with strong pink undertones. It has a creamy matte finish, and is incredibly pigmented.
Would I recommend it: If you’re looking for a bright colour that isn’t too loud, I’d recommend Radiate.  It’s a great versatile colour that will go with a lot of looks.

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12 Responses to Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Radiate

  1. Amria says:

    That purple/lilac lip tar is my fav! 😀

  2. I need to try a lip tar already! They look so amazing!

  3. So gorgeous! I’m waiting for my OCC lip tars to get shipped. Can’t wait!

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