Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Psycho


Feast your eyes on the glory that is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic’s Psycho. This lip tar is my new favourite lip colour (probably until I try a new one tomorrow). 

Psycho is described as “True blood red“. I alway thought of blood as a blue-based red, rather than an orange-based one, which is what Psycho is. Psycho glides easily on the lips, and dries down to form a beautiful matte with a slight sheen. Just a note, OCC’s mattes are not entirely matte – they’ve got a somewhat creamy shine, which differentiates it from dried down, extremely flat-looking mattes like MAC Ruby Woo or Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red.

OCC Radiate costs SGD 23.90 with this supplier. It’s a reasonable markup, as the lip tar is USD 18 (which, according to Google’s conversion rate at the moment, is SGD 22.30).

I wore Psycho for about four hours before I had lunch. There was still a pretty strong stain after that, and I reapplied it – when I’m in the mood for a strong beautiful lip colour, stains won’t cut it for me. The next time I checked my lips was about seven hours later, after dinner and just as I was about to remove my makeup. There was still a lingering orange stain on my mouth that was rather pretty (you could probably get that colour if you mixed a tiny amount of pigment with petroleum jelly). This is a colour that will require touchups every four or five hours or so if you want that beautiful lacquered finish, but if you want something less intense, you won’t have to touch up as often.

I think this would make a beautiful blush too. I’ve just read about a makeup artist using it as a blush, and how it blends amazingly well, and am now rather curious. I might just try that out next time.


 Closeup of Psycho. It’s such a beautiful colour, and I love the matte finish of it.

Note: I’m wearing NYX Pinched on my cheeks, which I reviewed here. I found its wear time and pigmentation was improved significantly when I buffed it into my cheeks with a Kabuki brush, rather than brushed on with my usual blush brush.


Psycho is the second lip tar from the left


Again, Psycho is the second swatch from the left. I applied a tiny dot and blended it with my finger. That’s how pigmented Psycho (and all my OCC lip tars) is.

I was trying to figure out if I had a similar colour from my extensive stash of lipsticks. I mean, I do have a lot of orange and red shades. Nope, can’t find one close.


Here, I’m wearing Maybelline Electric Orange. The photo on the left is a more accurate reflection of what the colour is – I don’t know why it turned out so pink in the next photo.


Here I’m wearing Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin. It’s closer to Psycho than Electric Orange, but doesn’t come anywhere near the same range of pigmentation.


Wearing MAC Ruby Woo here. It’s got a drier texture, and is a blue-based red, not an orange.


The only thing that comes close in colour intensity is my Sephora Lip Cream in Always Red

Cost: SGD 23.90, USD 18
Does it work: Psycho is a highly pigmented orange-based lip colour that dries down to a creamy matte finish.
Would I recommend it: If you’re looking for a striking red, try Psycho. I think the nature of its finish makes it look far more expensive than my Maybelline lipsticks. I just felt really regal wearing it.

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13 Responses to Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Psycho

  1. Amria says:

    Your lips are perfect for reds! And yes, true blood, should have been blue toned, I like tose reds more than warm orange ones. But you, you can pull off both I see. Pretty Nat!

  2. You look so gorgeous, and I actually prefer a more warm-toned red to a blue-toned one! You are just such a pretty girl, and you look fashionable as well in that last photo 🙂 I just followed your blog, I was hoping you could check my blog out and possibly follow back if you like it.

    ❤ Your New follower, Naa

  3. SOOO pretty! I think you could pull off just about any color! 🙂

  4. rubyangel711 says:

    Wow, Psycho looks stunning on you!

  5. Very pretty, red lipstick suits you so well! 🙂

    Steph x

  6. Red is so you colour for lip stuff. I wish I had fuller lips. You look so lovely!

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