Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Starling


Introducing you to OCC Starling. Isn’t she lovely? I’m reminded of warm red brick walls when I look at this colour.

Starling is described as “deeply rusted red” on the Temptalia website, but I can’t actually find it on the OCC site. Maybe it’s sold out at the moment. It’s a warm medium red with very strong brown undertones. I find that it looks redder on me than it does on most people online; probably due to my pigmented lips, again. Not that I’m complaining, I love this colour!


Starling’s the fourth from the left.


Starling’s the fourth swatch from the left. It looks a lot browner on my arm.


A closeup of OCC Starling on me. I look terrible here, my hair was not behaving this morning, but look at that beautiful colour.


This morning, I applied a little too much petroleum jelly on my lips (the best lip balm ever) before I slicked Starling on. The result was a lovely natural rosy lip colour.


The only other brown lipstick I have is Bobbi Brown Uber Seude. It has plum undertones rather than red though, so it looks completely different.

Starling, like all the other OCC lip tars I’ve been using, goes on beautifully smooth on the lips. In the first photo, I had patted it on with my finger, and the pigmentation was incredible. It’s not drying.

I didn’t test Starling for wear, but it should last four hours minimum. (Note that I drink a lot of water, so lipstick tends to come off a lot faster on me than it would on others.) It’ll definitely reach six hours with a lingering stain, but it didn’t last through the greasy meal at McDonalds I had. (But then, few things do.)

Cost: SGD 23.90, USD 18
Does it work: Starling is a warm medium red with strong brown undertones. It has great pigmentation, glides on smoothly.
Would I recommend it: If you’re looking for a darker red that’s wearable for work, I’ll say go for Starling!

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4 Responses to Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Starling

  1. rubyangel711 says:

    Love Starling…but now you have me lusting for BB’s Uber Suede. May need to get both!😍

  2. Hinnah says:

    Ah i have Starling! Its perfect! Thanks for this post, it really helped me pick!

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