Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Electric Grandma


Electric Grandma, where have you been my whole life?

This is the coral colour I’ve been looking for, and it has gorgeous electric-like gold shimmer to boot. The closest dupe I have to it is MAC CB96, but even so, it’s too rosy on me and doesn’t come close to this beautiful coral. When I bought MAC In a Heartbeat, I was disappointed at how pale the colour was.  I achieved the colour somewhat by mixing OCC lip tars Androgyne and Clockwork, but it was darker, and didn’t have the gold shimmer. (Though I guess I could have replicated that gold shimmer with Bobbi Brown Canary.)

Electric Grandma is described as ‘classic coral frost‘. I don’t know about ‘classic’ but to me this is the perfect coral; neither too pink, or too orange, with metallic gold shimmer in it. Do note that I find Electric Grandma just slightly tackier than the other matte lip tars I’ve been using; it’s nothing as bad as MAC Lipglasses, but it is noticable.

It applies smoothly on the lips. In the photo below, I had patted it on with my finger.

I’m typing this after having worn it for six hours. I’ve gone through breakfast since, and the colour is still pretty clear on my lips, and the gold shimmer is still there. If I were wearing anything else – like Bobbi Brown Canary – it would have worn off long ago. This is a magical product.


Look at that beauty.


Electric Grandma’s the first on the left for both.

Cost: SGD 23.90, USD 18
Does it work: Electric Grandma is a pretty coral with metallic gold shimmer. It goes on smoothly on the lips, and lasts and lasts.
Would I recommend it: Yes yes yes. This is a beautiful wearable everyday colour, it has longevity and pigmentation. What’re you waiting for?

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3 Responses to Product Rave: OCC Lip Tar in Electric Grandma

  1. Olivia says:

    Beautiful color and love the gold shimmer!! 😀

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